TOP 10 best Microsoft Edge extensions that add additional features to the browser

- Sachin Mehto

Lot more than the first Chrome

Microsoft Edge is a browser that cannot be ignored. It’s lightweight, feature-packed.

Best Microsoft Edge Extensions – TOP 10

 By installing which you will significantly expand the capabilities of the Microsoft browser.

AdBlock Plus (ABP)

AdBlock Plus (ABP) - As the name suggests, its main function is to block ads displayed on portals.

Bookmark Sidebar

If you want to manage the chaos of your favorite websites, then the Bookmark Sidebar is for you.

LastPass: Free Password Manager

The best Microsoft Edge Extensions should also include LastPass: Free Password Manager.

Link Unshortened

Shortened links can lead to problems, because it is often unknown what might be hiding under them. This is where Link Unshorten comes to your rescue.

Infinity New Tab

The Infinity New Tab add-on completely changes the look and feel of the Edge browser home page.

YouTube Enhancer

The Enhancer for YouTube plugin for Microsoft Edge allows you to enhance the YouTube experience.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 10th Anniversary

A special add-on created by Microsoft that changes the look and the interface will be rendered in dark mode.

Microsoft Outlook

If you receive a dozen or several dozen emails a day, then Microsoft Outlook is for you.

Print Friendly & PDF

Print Friendly & PDF is an extension known from the Chrome browser that is well suited for printing web pages.

Edge VPN – Free VPN Connection

The main features of this free Microsoft Edge VPN extension are security and privacy

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