Xblitz Dual View review: Low price but acceptable quality video recorder

Xblitz Dual View review
Xblitz Dual View review
  • Set
  • Construction
  • Installation
  • Extra functionality
  • The quality of the recordings
  • Impressions of use

Xblitz Dual View review in three sentences

Xblitz Dual View works well, but only if it works, and if we can successfully mount the camera in the car beforehand. Of course, we cannot demand too much at a low price, so the presence of an additional internal camera and general, acceptable quality of recordings are undoubtedly the advantages of this proposal. Unfortunately, the quality of the software and the components used in general do not go hand in hand.


  • Low price
  • Acceptable quality of recordings
  • Additional camera that monitors the interior of the car


  • Hopeless software that can surprise you very unpleasantly
  • Limited and difficult mounting options in the car
  • Basic kit
Xblitz Dual View review Low price but acceptable quality video recorder

Is it worth saving on a video recorder? Of course… it depends. The following Xblitz Dual View review will show you what you really get when you want to spend as little as possible. Only what you actually get, because on paper the title car camera is actually a 2 in 1 set and a few additional functions. Our only task is to confront theory with practice, so I cordially invite you to the Xblitz Dual View test and learn about our opinion.

Set, technical specification and price of Xblitz Dual View

A classic, well-described box tells us immediately what we are dealing with. Xblitz decided not to stuff everything into one package, so inside you will find additional boxes with a camera and additional accessories in it. Everything is well protected, so let’s get down to business.

Along with the video recorder, we can count on a basic set in the form of a handle stuck to the glass and a power supply with a plug for the cigarette lighter socket, which has been combined with a miniUSB cable. In addition, the company adds a sticker and … a microSD card reader, which is invaluable, as you will see in a moment.

As always, Xblitz fights with price and Dual View is no exception

I mentioned that we are talking about a cheap video recorder, because this one costs less than USD 100. Depending on the promotion, you can buy Xblitz Dual View even cheaper. Interestingly enough, the manufacturer himself puts this model in the category premium cameras i.e. the best ones on offer.

Technical specification of Xblitz Dual View

  • 2 inch screen
  • two FullHD cameras (140 degrees lens)
  • microSD card support
  • available modes:
    • night vision for the internal camera (4 infrared LEDs)
    • parking (with built-in battery)
    • ADAS (LDWS – Lane Assistant and FCWS – Distance Control in front of the car)
    • WDR (wide tonal range)
  • microphone
  • overload sensor
  • dimensions: 88 x 62 x 32 mm
  • weight: 78 g

Construction and build quality

Construction and build quality : Xblitz Dual View

Xblitz Dual View was made of average quality plastics, but properly fitted, so nothing creaks while driving. The matte finish does not reflect light, although it can collect fingerprints. The structure itself is very light and relatively small, so it’s hard to stick to anything from this side. Especially when we take into account the low price, which I will often refer to, whether we like it or not.

The front of the Xblitz Dual View shows itself with a lens, logo, as well as exposed screws and a ventilation grille. The latter also has a microphone that can properly collect sound from the environment. Of course, the mounting system of the handle could not be missing as well it is not very precise and you need to flex a little to properly slide on and lock the mount.

In turn, from the side we will most often look at, the display stands out with a set of buttons that are not very noticeable. On the frame, we can also see a diode that informs about the operating mode and the brand logo. Also from this side, the internal camera will look at us most clearly the inclination of which can be adjusted in quite a wide range.

On the sides there are even more screws, an acceptable speaker and the necessary connectors – microSD and the unfortunate mini USB. There was also a reset hole.

Assembly and usage experience

Xblitz Dual View review Assembly and usage experience

The Xblitz Dual View mounting system seems very simple and in fact it is also, but it is far from perfect. Of course, the combined cable with the cigarette lighter socket can be replaced with a separate one, better suited to the car. The situation is worse with the handle, which just after a week… ceased to fulfill its function. The double-sided tape has peeled off, but not from the glass, but from the plastic itself. This is a problem that came out over time.

Previously, I had a big problem to properly position the video recorder in relation to the mask, because the available tilt adjustment is not stiff. Therefore, even after tightening it, it may happen that a bigger bump in the road will shift the camera’s eye. After all, for those who want nothing difficult, and finally I was able to properly install the equipment. After detaching the tape in the car, the camera must have crashed, because after a few more days the display started to show green, vertical stripes.

Do you remember the microSD card reader in the set? This is necessary because we are not able to view the recordings from the camera software level. We also do not get a cable to connect the video recorder to the computer, so the reader is just the only option. Speaking of software, it is… bad. Due to the price, I do not pick on a rather unintuitive menu, the lack of theoretically basic functions. Of course, we get additional driver assistance systems that work after calibration yes, yes. In this case, I know simply worse implementations, and the one from Xblitz does not irritate too much.

The main problem of the reviewed video recorder software is the fact that … it can automatically restore to factory settings. Without any message, warning or any information whatsoever. It happened 3 times during the test, which also results in deleted or overwritten recordings.

Meanwhile, let’s move on to the actual issue, which is the quality of the recordings. Again, I mention the low price of Xblitz Dual View and… for a dual camera it is just acceptable. It’s hard not to notice noise and problems with the tonal range. Sometimes sharpness also fails. I am talking about sunny, rainy and, of course, night conditions. The quality offered is acceptable to give you an idea of ​​what happened on the road, but is a bit worse when you want to know the details. Reading license plates is possible, but in really favorable scenarios.

Of course, there is also a second camera in the game, pointing towards the inside of the car. This one offers exactly the same quality, but of course due to the slightly easier conditions, yes the results are more satisfactory. Only sometimes the light sensor can go crazy, which causes the image to be switched to night mode with LEDs. It is especially noticeable when we try to hide Xblitz Dual View behind the mirror.

Xblitz Dual View review – summary

Xblitz Dual View review test opinion

Putting it all together, Xblitz Dual View looks really good on paper, but actually has a lot of problems. Starting with a poor editing system, going through component durability and potentially painful software problems, and ending only with acceptable record quality.

Perhaps some of the problems result only from the flawed copy, although the opinions on the Internet seem to be convergent. After all, if the company releases the repaired variant, the aspect of recording the interior certainly allows for a positive reception of Xblitz Dual View. Meanwhile, at this price, and even lower, it is worth betting on individual solutions, for example in the form of Mio MiVue C588T or MiVue C512.

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