The lightest mouse in the world – this is not just bragging

The lightest mouse in the world is undoubtedly the arugula. It is the smallest representative of the mouse subfamily. The average representative of this species living in Eurasia reaches about 7 grams of weight. They mainly eat seeds, leaves, fruit and insects. They live in wetlands and make their nests among grasses, which is where their Polish name comes from. But you … well, you probably didn’t come here to read about mice in the context of live animals, but rather computer accessories. So let’s start again.

Huawei Watch Fit 2 review – is it still a band or already a smartwatch?

At the beginning of June, the European premiere of the Huawei bands took place – next to the Band 7, the Watch Fit 2 model debuted. While the Band 7 will target people potentially interested in the competitive Xiaomi band, i.e. the Mi Band 7, I have the impression that Huawei Watch Fit 2 is not In the end, he knows if he would like to be an advanced fitness band or a smartwatch.