Roidmi EVE Plus robot vacuum cleaner review: you will love cleaning with this Cleaning Base

According to Xiaomi and many reviews, the Roidmi EVE Plus robot vacuum cleaner is one of the best models out there. It collects dust thoroughly and quickly, has a wet cleaning function and very accurate scanning of premises, thanks to a laser lidar. At the same time, the device looks attractive, well-assembled and supplemented by ROIDMI App translated in multi Languages.

With eager excitement, I began testing the Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus vacuum cleaner. Would my initial thrill continue throughout the test, or would the technology disappoint? Read the review below to discover the outcome.

Characteristics Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus

Mapping / route planningYes
Display Sensor TypeLDS
High precision mapsYes
Object recognition (front camera)Not
Magnetic / optical virtual wallsNot
Height of overcome barriers20 mm
Cleaning area250 m²
Drop / break sensorYes
Dust cleaning
Suction power2700 Pa
Waste container capacity300 ml
Cleaning Modes4 things.
Automatic dirt removalYes
Disposable dust bag capacity2 l
HEPA filterYes
Washable filterYes
Side brushes2 pcs.
Power boost function for carpetsYes
Contamination sensorNot
Trash can full sensorNot
Floor cleaning
Wet cleaningYes
Electronic control of water consumptionYes
Water tank capacity250 ml
Vibrating clothNot
Automatic lifting of napkin on carpetNot
Refueling water tankNot
Automatic cleaning of wipesNot
Battery capacity5200 mAh
Autonomy of work150 minutes
Recharge and resume cleaningYes
Auto rechargeYes
Charging time300 minutes (5 h)
Vacuum cleaner rated power (W)850 Wt
Cleaning container capacity50 watts
Ease of use and management
Wi-Fi smartphone appYes
Cleaning planningYes
IR / RF remote controlNot
Wi-Fi frequency range2.4 GHz
Amazon Alexa supportYes
Google Assistant supportYes
Docking station displayYes
Voice promptsYes
Noise levelUp to 75 dB
Application features
Real time controlYes
Virtual forbidden areasYes
Zoned cleaningYes
Multi-level cardsNot
Manual controlYes
Selected roomsYes
Areas without wet cleaningNot
Other characteristics
Width35 cm
Height9.8 cm
release date2020 year
Guarantee12 months
PriceFrom 30 thousand rubles

Unpacking and kit

Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus is a vacuum cleaner for complete cleaning. This is evidenced by the presence of a large box, in one part of which we will find the robot itself, in the other a docking station with the ability to automatically clean the dust container.

Roidmi EVE Plus robot vacuum cleaner

In the box we also get:

  • Power cable
  • 1 × reusable tissue
  • 10 × disposable wipes
  • 3 × disposable trash bags
  • General container for water and dust
  • 2 × HEPA filters (one already installed)
  • 2 × side brushes for hard-to-reach places
  • Turbo brush with rubber and wool bristles
  • Cleaning brush with integrated blade
  • User manual and documentation
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Features and capabilities

In this model, Roidmi used an LDS 4 lidar scanner, whose task is to more accurately scan rooms and detect even the slightest obstacles.

Roidmi EVE Plus robot vacuum cleaner

The robot is equipped with a smart algorithm that scans rooms and creates maps in a special app that displays all the rooms in your home. This allows for more precise cleaning and the ability to choose which rooms to clean.

The manufacturer boasts a suction power of 2700 Pa, making it one of the strongest on the market. The robot is equipped with 18 sensors to ensure safety, such as avoiding falls from stairs. It also has the ability to easily navigate thresholds and heights up to 2 cm.

Communication with the device is through a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection, which allows you to control the robot remotely through the app. The 5200 mAh battery takes approximately 5 hours to fully charge and the docking station features a display that displays the battery power level.

The Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus robot vacuum cleaner not only returns to its base after completing work or when the battery is low, but it also has an automatic self-emptying feature. The self-cleaning station has a spacious 3-liter bag for debris.

Ergonomic design and build quality

The design of the Roidmi Eve Plus is very similar to other Xiaomi smart vacuum cleaners, although the reviewed model has two side brushes.

Roidmi EVE Plus robot vacuum cleaner

This is a key difference, aside from the workmanship, where Roidmi tries to make its devices stand out with black and orange accents. Materials, workmanship and fit are of the highest standard. Everything is excellent in this respect.

On top of the Eve Plus is the company logo, right on the tower, which houses a laser system with a LIDAR sensor. Nearby are three backlit control buttons that allow you to send the vacuum cleaner to the base or start up in two different ways:

  1. The first one is traditional and corresponds to our settings.
  2. The second one is local, it is used when we need to clean the spot (~ 1.6 m²).

Let’s move on to the side edges of the Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus, where the proximity sensors are hidden. The front part is a kind of bumper that informs the vacuum cleaner that it has come too close to an obstacle. An extra rubber strap is attached to the bumper, so there is no need to worry about scratching your furniture.

On the other half of the circular sides, you will notice air outlets, docking connectors, and a combined dust and water container. Below are other sensors designed to protect the robot vacuum cleaner from falling from a height. Most of the charging contacts can also be seen there.

Two large wheels, combined with a central movable ball, inside which a roller is attached, allow Eve Plus to confidently maneuver across the floor, regardless of the type of surface. The side brushes of the brush are like rubbish on one central turbo brush. It is a roller with alternating rubber blades and bristles, which are of particular importance on carpets.

Roidmi EVE Plus robot vacuum cleaner
Replacement or periodic cleaning was not difficult - just press one pin and then remove the brush. The kit includes a special tool with a blade.

Dust and water container

I deliberately did not talk about the container for dust and water earlier, as it requires a separate paragraph.

Roidmi EVE Plus robot vacuum cleaner

Combining two tanks into one is an interesting solution that would not exist if it were not for automatic cleaning. An additional hole is used, which is located under the button for disconnecting the container from the vacuum cleaner. For the same reason, Roidmi Eve Plus parks backwards at self-cleaning stations.

Attach the nozzle with a napkin to the container and you’re ready to wipe the floors. The process is simple, although you should make sure in advance that everything is done correctly, otherwise water will flow out of the container without getting on the cloth mop.

Garbage cleaning station

The Roidmi Eve Plus robot is unique in that it is one of the few in its price class that can automatically dump the collected dust and dirt into the bag of a special station.

Roidmi EVE Plus robot vacuum cleaner

Consequently, the dimensions of the self-cleaning station are not small, in addition to the mechanism for emptying the container, it contains a bag. Outside, we will see a display informing about the state of charge of the vacuum cleaner battery or emptying the container. It also shows icons such as whether the bin is empty or not. Touch and hold your finger on the screen to manually remove the debris from the tank of the robot.

By the way, the manufacturer claims that during cleaning, it is simultaneously disinfected with active oxygen, this minimizes unpleasant odors. In fact, I did not smell any extraneous odors, although this is largely due to the design of the bag, which is in a closed circuit.

You don’t have to change the 3-liter bag often, it does stuff very tightly. The replacement process is simple and is illustrated by the clear instructions on the lid. If the station gets jammed somehow, we have access to the main elements of the system from the back. It is enough to unscrew a few bolts at the edges of the transparent flap.

Two-app control

During the connection and the first setup of the Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus, we can specify through which application we want to control the vacuum cleaner.

If you hold down the left and middle buttons on the robot, it means that we are going to use the Roidmi app pre-installed on the smartphone. When the middle and right keys, it means that the Mi Home software is used (for devices of the Xiaomi ecosystem, which owns Roidmi). I chose the first option.

Roidmi EVE Plus robot vacuum cleaner
The application interface is intuitive and simple. A large general map with division into rooms will appear in the center of the screen. The lower ones have buttons for cleaning, charging, monitoring the battery power level and cleaning time.

At the top, you can select the cleaning range: the entire map, the installation of partitions (the selected room or rooms), a separate area (manually selected) or a point area (a small area of ​​1.6 × 1.6 meters, for example, where something is scattered).

By clicking the More button, you will see additional options. Set up notifications, dust collector, map editing, and options for controlling suction and water supply when mopping.

Through the upper right corner of the screen, after clicking the symbol with three dots, we will go to additional settings. Here the obstacle detection “radar” is turned on or off, the carpet detection mode is set and the frequency of cleaning garbage from the container is set (every 1-3 cleanings).

Of course, a cleaning schedule with manual selection of days, hours and area is also available.

Voice guidance

The smart robot Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus spoke English right out of the box, but after connecting to a smartphone through the application, you can select a Russian (female) voice.

The voice accompaniment sounds quite attractive, understandable and loud, the compatible application is also translated into Russian.

Manual control

In the app for Roidmi Eve Plus we will also find a virtual remote control for manual control.

It will be useful if we do not want to search for a given area on the map, but send the vacuum cleaner to a specific place as quickly as possible. You can also check the estimated wear level of the brushes or filters through the app, or update the Eve Plus firmware if a new version is available.

Robot vacuum cleaner at work

First, you need to create a map of an apartment or house (there may be several). Here I want to praise Roidmi, because the process does not take much time, and the finished diagrams come out very accurate.

Roidmi EVE Plus robot vacuum cleaner

As soon as the vacuum cleaner builds a map, we can set the settings for how the Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus should work with individual areas of our housing. Naturally, virtual wall setup is available, the ability to create your own sequences, clean up specific areas or rooms, and even detect carpets.

The latter option works quite well and can increase power in carpeted areas. After setting the operating mode, the frequency of emptying the container and other functions, you can start cleaning – automatic or manual.

Noise and power level

I measured the volume of the Roidmi Eve Plus operating modes at a distance of 2 meters. Here’s what happened:

  • The minimum is about 52-53 dB. The quietest mode in which the vacuum cleaner does not interfere while watching TV. Powerful enough to remove pet hair and dust from hard floors.
  • Standard – noise. 57-58 dB. Basic mode suitable for hard surfaces. Removes hair, dust, sand and debris, has an acceptable noise level.
  • Powerful – about 62-63 dB. The higher suction power is suitable for picking up sand, gravel, loose grains, bran, etc., from hard and soft surfaces. Ideal for cleaning short pile carpets. The vacuum cleaner is already noisy (interferes with watching TV).
  • The maximum is about 64–65 dB. The loudest setting required for soft, high pile carpets. Do not use it for cleaning hard floors, the effect is the same as in the previous mode, but the load and energy consumption is greater. The suction power reaches the maximum – 2700 Pa.

Wet cleaning

The Roidmi Eve Plus smart vacuum cleaner offers four levels of water supply for wet cleaning of floors (1 – no, 2 – little, 3 – medium, 4 – a lot).

From experience, I will say that it is better to use the fourth mode, which guarantees high-quality moistening of the mop cloth and relatively effective wiping of dirt from floor coverings. Of course, the Roidmi robot washes the napkin at the same time, in one full pass. You can even set a different water supply depending on the room (for example, there is more in the hallway).

Cleaning quality

The cleaning efficiency of Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus is very high, after the first pass, there is practically no dust, sand and hair on the floor.

To check the quality, I ran the vacuum cleaner a second time, right after the first. It turned out that after the second pass, the dust collector was almost empty. Eve Plus also copes with thresholds up to 2 cm in height.I have only one of this, and I must admit, for some robotic vacuum cleaners, it was a problem.

Roidmi EVE Plus robot vacuum cleaner
The speed and accuracy of work is commendable, the device effectively avoids obstacles, moves dynamically, does not have a tendency to constantly hit against any objects.

Autonomy Roidmi Eve Plus

In Powerful mode, which is effective for hard and soft surfaces, Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus consumes less than 50% of the battery charge in 1.5 hours.

That is, the maximum operating time is about 3 hours. This is a very good result for almost the most powerful dust extraction level. In the minimum mode, the robot will work for about 4 hours.

An apartment with a total area of ​​60 m² can be cleaned 3-4 times on a single battery charge. Of course, the real area minus the areas occupied by furniture is less. When it comes to empty space, the Eve Plus is capable of vacuuming up to 250 m².

If you have a really large home, the vacuum cleaner is able to go back to the docking station, recharge, and then finish the process. It takes more than 4 hours to fully charge EVE Plus, usually 100% battery is sufficient for a medium to large apartment. In a typical apartment with an area of ​​40 to 70 m² there is enough energy for 2–4 complete cleaning sessions.


The Xiaomi Roidmi EVE Plus is one of the best robot vacuum cleaners I’ve tested. It maneuvers and maps the premises very efficiently, carefully collects dust while simultaneously performing wet cleaning, and also cleans itself.

Even with a high suction power, the autonomy of work is about 3 hours, and in the minimum mode, the process is very quiet. The vacuum cleaner is securely assembled, easy to use and has a very useful self-cleaning station. The trash bag is large and will have to be replaced every few months.

Roidmi EVE Plus robot vacuum cleaner

Should I buy

Roidmi EVE Plus cleans the container of dust by itself, speaks Russian and is supported by a functional application with many instructions. If you’re looking for a really good robot vacuum cleaner, I highly recommend the EVE Plus. You can buy it via the Internet at the office. the Roidmi website or on the Amazon.

Roidmi EVE Plus robot vacuum cleaner test – video

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