The Play Store provides an unfair advantage to Google? State authorities have no doubts

Stores such as the App Store or the Play Store have civilized everything. Not only the given program and its alternatives are much easier to find, we can also be sure that we do not download its pirated version from a fake website. The problem is that both of these stores charge a fairly high, 30% commission. This, however, does not please Indian app developers who accused the Play Store of being a Google monopoly tool.

Microsoft is undergoing a transformation, so it’s time to focus on … Android

Microsoft has come to terms with the fact that it will not conquer the mobile market for good. However, we are talking about the approach as a player delivering a full-fledged operating system. It is different when we look at Microsoft as … a hardware manufacturer. In this respect, the Americans do not give up and want to try their hand. After all, mobile devices are the future.