The lightest mouse in the world – this is not just bragging

The lightest mouse in the world is undoubtedly the arugula. It is the smallest representative of the mouse subfamily. The average representative of this species living in Eurasia reaches about 7 grams of weight. They mainly eat seeds, leaves, fruit and insects. They live in wetlands and make their nests among grasses, which is where their Polish name comes from. But you … well, you probably didn’t come here to read about mice in the context of live animals, but rather computer accessories. So let’s start again.

Auracast Bluetooth – Share audio with multiple devices simultaneously

Bluetooth has one major drawback: it allows sound to be sent to a single device: even wireless headphones need to communicate with each other – although there is a fairly limited exception to this rule. But what if several people want to listen to music from one source, but are in a public place, such as a bus, and respect their fellow passengers? Auracast Bluetooth technology is the solution to this problem.