How to find a song without knowing the title? Searching for music in just a few steps

How to find a song without knowing the title?

Sometimes we watch TV and suddenly we hear a nice piece that is the background for the advertisement. At other times, we are captivated by the catchy note when we are out and about, for a walk with the dog, at the cinema or at the hairdresser’s. It happens that the melody is remembered only after some time, ringing rhythmically in the head. We advise you on how to find a song without knowing the title – in the era of modern technology, this is not a problem at all.

How do I find a song while a song is playing right now?

how to find a song without knowing the title music search recognition tutorial

Most often we come across a situation where we want to find an artist when a song is playing right now, at that moment. Finding music in such a scenario is very easy and takes literally a moment. We will need a smartphone , laptop or computer to analyze the sound . In most cases, we have a phone with us, so let’s start with this device.

The most popular solution is to use the Google assistant or the Shazam application for this purpose . In the first case, it is enough to call it with the command “OK Google” and ask “What is this song?” .

We can also start the assistant manually. On the Android phone or tablet, we open the Google application. From the search bar, click on the microphone icon and then Search for a song :

Google assistant music recognition how to find a song

The alternative is the Shazam app , which is just as intuitive to use. After launching it, click on the large centered button ( tap to shazam ) to get to know the title and artists of the song after a while, with the ability to play music immediately.

The advantage of the dedicated app is the preview of our previous searches in the Library -> Shazams tab and the playlists created on this basis ( Playlists for you ).

shazam library tutorial searching for music

We can download the Shazam app at:

Shazam: Music Discovery form Google Play

If you prefer to use a laptop or computer instead of a phone , the website Midomi – Find and discover music and people will be of help . After entering, click on the centered orange logo and allow the use of the microphone (if you select the checkbox Remember this decision , we need to do this step only once):

midomi how to find a song

A substitute for using a specific website can be the Shazam extension , which, after installation, will provide convenient access to this function via an icon in the upper right corner of the browser:

shazam google chrome extension

The Shazam extension for Google Chrome and all Chromium -based programs can be downloaded from:

Shazam: recognize songs in your browser - Chrome Web Store (

How do I find a song after humming a melody? Singing and humming to your smartphone is surprisingly effective

We are also not in a lost position in a situation where the song does not play in the background, but we can hum or sing it. The Google assistant will once again prove useful in recognizing our voice – I warn you right away that you do not need any special vocal talent to correctly identify the song.

Find out what song is playing near you

It should be remembered here that the voice search is carried out using the commands: “OK Google” and “What is this song?” . We can also use the assistant’s services by opening the Google application  – from the search bar, click the microphone icon , and then the Search song option .

singing humming to your smartphone

The Mountain View giant uses a machine learning algorithm for analysis . Surprisingly, it works quite well, and after listening, the results are usually generated within a few seconds. Potential song matches based on humming or singing were quite effective in my case – I hit 6 times out of 10 the first time.

Finding a contractor is not over yet. At this stage, we can display additional information about the selected track, look at the music video or listen to the song in a music application of our choice. It is also easy to find here the lyrics of the song or other recordings and arrangements, which translates into quite a large compendium of knowledge, related to a simple voice search.

how to find a song after humming a melody

How to find music you’ve heard on the radio before?

What if we heard something really cool on the radio, but in fact we can’t fully recall either the melody or the text ?

Fortunately, there are sites that allow you to easily find a song that was aired on the radio . One of the best services of this kind is the Listened website. If you heard a song on the radio, then it’s likely you’ll hear it again. You can either wait to hear it another time, so you can Shazaam it, or you can look up the radio station’s rotation of songs on their website.

How it works:

  • Website search: Every station has its own website. Go on their website and find their playlist or list of songs, and you’ll most likely find it there.

The only information we really need, apart from the name of the station, is the date and time of broadcasting the program (day and time) – the website will check the rest for us after clicking the search button .

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If we cannot take advantage of the above solutions, what else can we do?

If we remember something that once took us to a completely different place, we won’t get over it easily. Everyone has encountered this situation and knows this feeling well – until we find the performer and find this particular piece that has stuck in our head and gives us no peace, all our attention will be focused on it.

We don’t even remember the melody and the lyrics , sometimes it’s just the overtone and the trace that the song left in us. It may already have been too long to search for it by any of the above methods – what else can we do?

The starting point may be something less literal, e.g. a description of a fragment of a music video or even a not very detailed explanation of what the song was about . With such a scrap of information, we can go to the forum of music enthusiasts who will be happy to help us find what we are looking for. The website that brings together such a community is the website We recognize :

What is this song, music recognition : Watzatsong

Even if music lovers and music enthusiasts do not help us, it is worth trying your luck with the Google search engine . The juxtaposed key phrases that will lead us to the goal can be very simple and obvious, e.g. a black man on a horse song will lead us to the famous Old Town Road track. By analogy, having only a very vague memory of a given note, we can find it through trial and error.

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