How to improve the appearance of the car at a low cost? 5 simple ways

How to improve the appearance of the car at a low cost? 5 simple ways

For some drivers, the appearance of the car is almost indifferent. However, many car owners want their vehicle to be as good as possible. For this group, we have a few simple (and possibly cheap) ways to make the car pleasing to the eye.

How to improve the appearance of the car?

There is no shortage of expensive car parts on the market that improve the appearance of the car after assembly. In addition, there are tuning companies whose effects can make a great impression. However, not everyone wants to spend a fortune and spend a lot of time improving their car . In such a situation , you can still make the vehicle look much better . What exactly to do? Here are some suggestions.

Simple detailing services

Simple detailing services - Washing car for appearance of the car

After a few or several years of use, the car no longer looks like it did when it left the showroom. Even with regular but amateur washing of the car, taking care of the paintwork and vacuuming the interior, the cleanliness and condition of the car body will not be perfect. It may be a good idea to use detailing services – recently a lot of points dealing with this field have been created. We can commission a detailer, among others paint correction, polishing scratched windows, comprehensive interior cleaning and upholstery washing. After such treatments, the car should regain its former glory.

Darkening the windows

Darkening the windows of the Car

Tinting the windows undoubtedly belongs to the activities that greatly improve the appearance of the car in terms of time and costs. A lot depends on the exact vehicle you have, but usually the appearance of the car is much better when the windows are dark . The benefits of dark windows also include the fact that other people cannot see things left in the car and that the vehicle heats up more slowly.

The easiest way to tint the windows with foil. Theoretically, you can do it yourself, but if we do not have any experience or considerable manual skills, we can only unnecessarily waste time and nerves. For a few Dollars, we will darken the windows (rear and side rear) at the detailer. The currently used foils do not significantly affect the visibility – the windows can be black from the outside, and while sitting in the vehicle, we will still see everything. However, it is best to try to get into a car with tinted windows to such an extent and using the method that we are thinking about, and then independently assess whether we can comfortably drive such a vehicle.

Changing the lamps or the radiator grille to a different design

radiator grille in the car improve appearance of the car

Some cars are also available in sports versions, whose lamps and radiator grilles look much better than in standard variants. Sometimes the standard version of the vehicle fits easily with parts from the sports version . By doing such a replacement, we can improve the appearance of the car. Disadvantages? Among fans of a given brand, adding individual elements to the base version of a car, suggesting that it is a much more desirable, sports version, may be unwelcome.

Yellowed lamps not only look terrible, but also can have a negative impact on visibility on the road. Therefore, it is worth replacing them, even for identical ones, if their pattern suits us. Unfortunately, this is often associated with high costs. An alternative could be headlight polishing . Such a service performed by a professional will sometimes be much cheaper than buying new lamps, and should also give decent results.

Changing the rims

Car alloy wheels in audi

Nice alloy wheels can be one of the first things that catch your eye when you look at a car (even from a distance). Aluminum rims are lighter and much nicer than their steel counterparts. Unfortunately, the disadvantage is their price. When looking for new alloy wheels, even of less reputable manufacturers, you have to take into account the cost of approx. USD 150 upwards for a set. The final price depends on the brand, design and size of the rim. However, alloy wheels are usually a purchase for years, and if properly selected, they will greatly improve the appearance of the car.

Replacement of worn plastic parts inside the vehicle

Changing - car interior

Over time, the elements of the interior of the vehicle deteriorate. Sometimes repair or replacement is impossible or unprofitable. It happens, however, that we can improve the appearance of the car from the inside at a very low cost. It will be a good idea to replace the old knob and the torn gear shift bellows, light switches and other buttons that have peeled off or broke. Original parts often cost a lot, but usually there are replacements from various companies. By spending some time reading product reviews, we should find inexpensive replacements that are sure to look better than the used original.

Better car appearance – what else can be done?

Various types of body stickers and cockpit veneers are also available on the market. If we have an old and heavily worn-out car, they can cover the scratched plastics inside the vehicle or distract from visual defects on the outside of the car. But it’s easy to get a tacky effect , especially if you have a reasonably new and good looking car. Then it will often look best without unnecessary additions.

When upgrading your car, you need to follow the correct order. Remember to first ensure the best technical condition of the vehicle, and only then focus on visual modifications.

main photo: Agent J / Unsplash

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