The best science-fiction movies on Disney + – we choose the TOP 10 that are worth watching

The best science-fiction movies on Disney +

It’s time to look at the best science-fiction movies on Disney +. On Disney + we can find a lot of science-fiction productions – from classics to the latest productions of this genre. Of course, choosing the best sci-fi movie on Disney + is not an easy task, but we hope you will enjoy our ranking. And let’s also remember that this is a purely subjective choice, as is the case with any comparison or ranking of films. So let’s check what Disney + has to offer?

The best sci-fi movies on Disney + – what is the sci-fi genre

The best science-fiction movies on Disney +

Before we move on to describing what we think are the best sci-fi movies on Disney + , it is worth pausing for a moment at the very definition of the genre. Science fiction itself, i.e. science fiction, is a genre that can be quite simply defined, but we can also easily subscribe to it many films that do not necessarily match it. Science fiction is about stories that deal with the influence and influence of science or technology on life. 

On the one hand, it can even be said that the movie is Social Networkwho tells about the origins of Facebook is of the SF genre. After all, it’s a story about how technology changed our lives. However, it is usually assumed that science fiction movies are stories that happen in a reality that does not exist at the moment, but is plausible and based to some extent on science. So Social Network is not science fiction, but the Matrix is.

The best sci-fi movies on Disney + – where’s Marvel and Star Wars?

In the following list of the best sf movies available on Disney + you will not find productions from the Marvel or Star Wars universe . Of course, movies from both of these universes can be easily “subscribed” to science-fiction, but for the purposes of this list, we decided to skip them, to give sound to other titles. 

If we had included the best Marvel or Star Wars movies here, the list might just be dominated by those movies, and that was what we wanted to avoid. Now that we’ve got that clear, let’s take a look at our pick of the best sci-fi movies on Disney + .


Tron is an absolutely cult movie, although a bit forgotten. So let’s watch it again to discover now how many of the things shown there actually turned out to be true. The film premiered in 1982 and tells the story of a programmer who moves inside a computer program. This film was ahead of its time and it’s not even about special effects, but about the message itself. 

After all, hardly anyone imagined then that talking to the computer would be something normal, and today we ask the Google Assistant or Siri about even small things. Tron may not be the best science fiction film in the history of cinema, but it should be remembered for a long time. The great role of Jeff Bridges, unique special effects and even those sinister corporations in the background. The sequel to the movie is also available on Disney +, i.e.Throne: Legacy .


There is probably no more iconic and terrifying sci-fi movie at the same time than the Aliens . The first part of this wonderful cycle is in a class of its own. Here we have cosmonauts separated from the world who encounter an alien life form. The title alien appears on the screen only for a few minutes, but you can feel the tension practically throughout the screening. 

Add to that great direction (Ridley Scott) and acting (Sigourney Weaver) and we have one of the best sci-fi movies ever made. As a matter of fact, we also noticed on the occasion of our list presenting the best SF all time . Aliens is definitely a movie worth knowing. On Disney + we can also find other films from the series, but also those related to it, such as Prometheusor Alien vs Predator .

Planet of the Apes

It is hard to find a more poignant and depressing ending than the one from Planet of the Apes . The series, launched in 1968, has had several continuations, but also re-releases, but it is the first installment that should be included in such a ranking of the best science-fiction productions. 

It is a story about a spaceship crew that lands on a mysterious planet that is infested by humanoid monkeys. Planet of the Apes is not only a great plot, but also an amazing make-up. Considering the fact that the film is over fifty years old and still makes an impression, it is difficult to pass by such a masterpiece indifferently.

 And we also have one of the more interesting roles of Charlton Heston here , so be sure to check out Planet of the Apes if you haven’t seen her yet. On Disney + we can also find other films from the series and its new versions.

The Absent Minded Professor

Another quite “age-old” movie, from 1961, but worth watching. The Flying Professor is the story that later became the film Flubber starring Robin Williams. Anyway, both of these productions are available on Disney + and they tell more or less the same story. So we have a brilliant but highly distracted professor who creates a new substance. 

This one could change a lot on our planet, but few people are interested in it. Here, too, we have greedy entrepreneurs, and there is also a little bit of humor. The Flying Professor is unusual but still science fiction. It’s worth it.

Another Earth

A story that can genuinely give you shivers down your spine, though there’s not even a hint of horror here. The Second Earth comes down to a simple but extremely terrifying event. Well, another planet appears in our solar system, which seems to be an exact copy of ours. 

However, this is not classic science fiction, because here we have a lot of emphasis on the psychological layer, and the story itself also focuses on more mundane matters. The action is quite slow and a lot is happening here in the picture, not in the dialogue. It is also not a cinema for everyone, but The Second Earth forces the viewer to look at his life a little differently than before.

Towards the sun (sunshine)

What would happen to the Earth if the star that was warming us suddenly went out. He tries to answer this question Towards the Sun , one of the most interesting films directed by Danny Boyle ( Trainspoting , 28 days later ). We have a group of cosmonauts here who set off in an attempt to save the entire planet from imminent destruction. 

When a ship that has set out ahead of them appears on their way, they will face a very difficult decision. Towards the sun shows what happens to a person when too much burden of responsibility is thrown on his shoulders and he is locked in a place from which there is no escape. The film also has a very good soundtrack, and on the screen we will see amazing actors (Cillian Murphy, Chris Evans, Michelle Yeoh and Mark Strong).


Does Pixar’s animation deserve to be next to such titles as Alien or Planet of the Apes ? Definitely yes, because WALL-E perfectly shows how quickly technological advances can destroy life on earth. And maybe it’s not classic science fiction, it works great as a lesson in humility and perhaps a guide on what not to do for the younger generation. 

WALL-E is also one of Pixar’s best movies and is suitable for everyone, regardless of age. The story of a robot that cleans the Earth and its attempt to find love is touching and instructive cinema for everyone. Also, check out our rundown of the best Pixar movies to be found on Disney +.

Baby, I shrunk the kids (Honey, I shrunk the kids)

Another movie that doesn’t necessarily fit the sci-fi category, but still fits perfectly, which only shows how roomy the genre is. The family story of the scientist who created the shrink machine is a fun and touching film at times. 

It is also a movie of the genre to which you can come back many times and never get bored. We won’t find this type of production very often in streaming, so it’s good to remember it if we have access to Disney +. On the platform we will also find a continuation, i.e. Honey, we have shrunk ourselves .

The Rocketeer

Marvel was supposed to be nothing in the list of the best science-fiction movies on Disney +, while the Rocket Man is a production about a pilot that comes with an advanced device that allows him to fly. At the same time, he becomes the idol of crowds, but his “outfit” is already used by the army and spies. 

It sounds a bit like Iron Man, but the Rocket Man is a bit different cinema after all. This is one of those movies that you can easily watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon, and it is a lot of fun at the same time. The film features Timothy Dalton, Jennifer Connelly and Billy Campbell, and the whole thing is kept in a light tone.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

And finally, another classic, an adaptation of Jules Verne’s novel of the same title. It can be said that such films are not made anymore. Awarded with an Oscar for the best special effects and set design and with the memorable role of Kirk Douglas, the film is a real gem on Disney +. It is also a crazy journey deep into the ocean, but also into the human psyche, which can still be seen perfectly even after several decades.

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More science-fiction movies worth watching on Disney +

Of course, there are many more science-fiction movies on Disney + that are worth recommending. Among them you can also mention:

  • Alita Battle Angel
  • Avatar
  • Independence Day
  • Idiocracy
  • Computer in sneakers
  • Day after tomorrow
  • Space Soldiers (we wrote more about this movie in the text about hidden gems on Disney + )

If you want to check what’s on Disney + and you don’t have an account, check out our text on this topic. It is also worth reading how to watch Disney +, i.e. material about supported devices and how to set up an account on the platform .

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