The creators of Stranger Things commented on the 5th season

Stranger Things season 5

On May 27, the first part of the fourth season of Stranger Things debuted on the Netflix platform . The new edition of the series was very warmly received, as evidenced by at least the numbers generated by the entire production. Despite the fact that the fourth season has not yet been released to the end, the developers have already shared their comments on the fifth installment of the series.

The Duffer brothers revealed what we can expect in the fifth season of Stranger Things

fifth season of Stranger Things

One of Netflix’s biggest hits will see its fifth season – this information has been circulated in the media some time ago. However, only now the creators of Stranger Things , i.e. Matt and Ross Duffer, have announced what treatments they will use when shooting the new installment of the series. Unfortunately, the brothers did not reveal when we can expect the fifth season’s debut. At the moment, we only know that the second part of the fourth part of Stranger Things will appear in the Netflix library on July 1.

In an interview with TVLine , the Duffer brothers revealed that they already have a plan for the story of the fifth season. Due to the inability to shoot the fourth and fifth installments one after the other, the creators will also be forced to jump on the timeline. In addition, we learned that we are still working on … two episodes of the fourth season of Stranger Things !

We learn a lot of new things every time we shoot a new part of the series. We have absorbed a lot of information, and all our new actors and their contribution to the fourth season make us think about which way our fifth season outline is going to go.

Matt Duffer

The second brother – Ross was asked about the influence of the adolescence of the main actors on the development of the plot. It is worth noting at this point that during the filming of the first season, the Hawkins teenagers were from twelve to fourteen years old. Six years have passed since the debut of Stranger Things .

I am convinced that we will make a fictional leap in time. It would be great if we could shoot the fourth and fifth seasons right after each other, but unfortunately it wasn’t feasible. We really have a lot to discuss with our writers. Believe it or not, we are still working on the last two episodes of Season 4 at the moment because they are just huge.

Ross Duffer

Source: Total Film

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