The Apple Watch Ultra is a steroid based smartwatch – we cover the most important features

The Apple Watch Ultra is a steroid based smartwatch

Apple Watch Ultra turned out to be the biggest surprise of the September presentation of new Apple products. Not only the previous information about its appearance, functions, but also its names did not work. The new smartwatch is to be a competitor of some Garmin devices and quite strongly distances itself from the polite design of the Series 8 or SE models. It’s definitely bigger, has a titanium casing and really attracts attention. The more expensive version of Apple Watch is a logical step towards expanding the offer and attracting new users. 

The more advanced smartwatch is aimed at athletes, travelers and swimmers. In theory, the new version has similar features to the Series 8, but there are a few differences to highlight. The new watch from the Cupertino company will debut in stores on September 23.

Apple Watch Ultra – it is not afraid of extreme temperatures

Apple provides the following information on its website:

Use iOS and iPadOS devices in places with ambient temperatures between 0 and 35ºC. Under the influence of low or high temperatures, the device may start to function differently. Using iOS or iPadOS hardware in very high temperatures can permanently reduce battery life.

The device should be stored in the temperature from -20 to 45ºC. It should not be left in the car as the temperature inside the parked vehicle may exceed the safe range.

In theory, iPhone can get so hot or cold that it cannot be used. However, this does not threaten the Apple Watch Ultra, even in the most difficult climatic conditions. The Cupertino-based company claims that the watch was designed for extreme conditions during outdoor exploration, with a wrist temperature of -20 to 55 ° C. 

Apple Watch Ultra

New customizable side button

While other Apple Watch models have two physical buttons, the Apple Watch Ultra has a third on the left side of the screen, called the action button . It is in the international orange color and can support a variety of functions. 

It is customizable, what it does is up to us. One press can mark a waypoint, turn on the Track function in the Compass app, control a training session or start a dive. 

A bigger and better display on the Apple Watch Ultra

The company created a new watch face called the Wayfinder, which was designed specifically for the larger display on the Ultra model. It includes a compass built into the watch face and has the capacity to display up to eight selected options on the screen at the same time. The Wayfinder dial can also be customized for mountain, ocean or trail hikes.

display on the Apple Watch Ultra

Beneath the flat front sapphire glass is a Retina display that is not only larger than any other Cupertino smartwatch. The display brightness is up to 2000 nits , which is twice as bright as any other Apple Watch. The screen itself is 27% larger than the SE model.

We also have a night mode. When using the Wayfinder dial, the rotation of the digital crown turns on the night mode which changes the interface to red and reduces blue light to protect our eyes.

Alarm siren

If you ever get lost, injured, or in another emergency and need to call for immediate help, Apple Watch Ultra can help. The watch has a built-in alarm siren with a volume of up to 86 decibels , which can be turned on by holding down the action button.

Apple Watch Ultra - Alarm siren

Apple reports on its website that the siren uses a unique sound signature that includes two different alternating patterns that can repeat for several hours. The first pattern suggests anxiety, while the second pattern mimics the commonly recognized SOS pattern, and the siren can be heard up to 180 meters away .

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Best-in-class GPS positioning

The Apple Watch Ultra‌ uses a precision dual-frequency GPS that integrates both the L1 and the latest L5 frequency. Apple reports that, in conjunction with new positioning algorithms, this provides users with the most accurate GPS of any smartwatch on the market. This is to help runners among dense trees or tall buildings.

Apple Watch Ultra - Bands

Redesigned compass app

In watchOS 9 , the compass has been redesigned for a larger screen, so it now has three different views. The application has gained the function of waypoints, which allows you to quickly and efficiently mark the location or destination of the trip directly in the application. Pressing the action button or tapping the waypoints icon in the app drops a waypoint, which can be modified using the icon displayed. The feature displays the heading and estimated distance dynamically updated in real time.

Water temperature sensor and depth gauge

Apple Watch Ultra has also been certified to EN 13319 . It is the global standard for the quality of diving accessories, including depth gauges, trusted by recreational divers all over the world. Ultra has a depth measure feature in the new Depth app. It shows the time, current depth up to 40 meters, water temperature, time spent underwater and the maximum depth reached.

Apple Watch Ultra - Water temperature sensor and depth gauge

Underwater, the latest smartwatch from Cupertino automatically opens the app, so you can quickly and easily get the necessary information without having to manually open it. However, we can assign this application to an action button to launch it when needed.

Source: Apple, MacRumors

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