Google Search Console : HTTPS is invalid and might prevent it from being indexed

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Last week, Google carried out another Search Console report for HTTPS, and with that came a great deal of disarray around a particular mistake. The error was “HTTPS is invalid and might prevent it from being indexed.” This shows in the URL inspection tool, which was part of this upgrade.

John Mueller from Google said today on Twitter that they dug through these reports and will refresh the alerts to make them “less terrifying.” While the errors are correct, he said, the warnings are just an FYI and “not an error” that is causing issues in Google Search, he added.

Here is one of numerous screen captures of this blunder:

Google Search Console - HTTPS is invalid

This doesn’t mean the URL will not be indexed, it implies Google has never seen the URL, or has seen the URL however not crawled it yet. Google may likewise be indexing the HTTP version of that URL rather for the present.

There are innumerable tweets and strings with disarray over this particular error. Here are a few strings on Google Webmaster Help, Black Hat World and on Twitter.

John Mueller of Google has been answering a portion of these worries making sense of this isn’t something to stress over. He said on Twitter “HTTPS wouldn’t keep a page from being indexed. It could keep it from being indexed as HTTPS, but we’d still index it as HTTP. We simply don’t index all pages on sites, that is normal, and autonomous of HTTPS status.”

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Here is where John said they will be changing things to make it more clear:

As Glenn Gabe noted, this might indicate that “Google has never seen the URL, or has seen the URL but has not crawled it yet,” depending on the assistance documentation.

When we looked into some questions about Google News Publisher Center’s failure to retrieve articles from feed URLs, we discovered that the feed URL was also receiving the error message “HTTPS is invalid and might prevent it from being indexed.” I will therefore offer the same solution for this particular problem.

So I wouldn’t stress a lot over this blunder.

In the event that you see the pages are not being indexed, I question it is connected with this error – I would think it is all the more a quality issue.

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