How to create a strong password when cyber attacks are getting louder? Take care of your access!

How to create a strong password

How do I create a strong password? Who needs this and why such a question? The situation in the east very quickly raised the topic of cybersecurity and online threats. Fear was a natural consequence, on the one hand, of the very fact of starting a war in a neighboring country, and on the other hand, of a wave of threats about cyberwar, unlike anything the world had ever seen before. 

The greatest panic is always where there is, of course, the money, which is the banking sector. The bank run has spread the panic farther and harder, but this is not the only place to be expected to be attacked by hackers. Lots of people earn money on the internet. Therefore, for them, the loss of access to their social media, online stores, websites and databases is associated with costs – the larger the entity, the greater the losses in such a situation. 

For the casual user who is not making a profit, it is mainly a blow to his data, the loss of contacts collected over the years and the sentimental value of memories. That is why it is worth thinking ahead and doing everything in your power to protect yourself against hacking and taking over your virtual resources. How do I create a strong password? It’s not that hard!

Choose a strong password that is not personalized

Choose a strong password that is not personalized
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A common activity for many people is to personalize the password. This has one main goal in the first place – fear of being forgotten. However, this is often a desired situation by hackers. Why? There are different internet users. Many of them like to share a lot or even too much information about themselves. 

In this way, it is easy to find the name of a partner, partner or pet, which, for example, can very often be a password. Hence the need for a strong password. There are situations when the passwords are so typical, weak or an idea for them, is literally at your fingertips, and thus, even an inexperienced person who does not even have to be a specialized hacker can hack.

Above all, avoid common passwords

Above all, avoid common passwords
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There are many popular password suggestions on the Internet that, for example, are easy to remember. They are usually formed by characters, letters, or numbers that follow each other on a keyboard. There is only one idea here – it’s easy to remember. 

However, hacking an account is also easy. Just take a moment to search Google for common search terms such as “123456”, “qwerty”, “password”, “111111”, “123123” etc. Also, try not to use first names as well. It is worth trying to be much more creative. This will make your account more secure.

Create new passwords and don’t use one

Create new passwords and don't use one
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The best security is to create more than one password for different services. This is an additional security for you. If anyone manages to hack into your account, they immediately gain access to other services on which you are logged in. That is why it is worth trying to get more ideas and variety in this regard.

How will I remember all of this? Take care of your organization

In this case, order and regularity are of particular importance. It is worth creating your database, which you will update on an ongoing basis – in the case of creating a new account in the service or changing the password to a new one. 

The form should be as suited to your taste as possible. Don’t do anything against yourself. Do you prefer the traditional approach? A card and a notebook are also a solution. However, you must take care of their proper concealment and order so as not to lose them. For this you can use password managers – those built into the browser or external services – but here you also need to properly secure them, so that it is extremely difficult to break access to this resource. 

Another idea is always any file where you write down your passwords. It is worth doing it according to your taste, because this way there is a greater chance of.

What is a strong password? How to set them?

What is a strong password? How to set them?
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It is definitely not the name of your dog or cat. Much more than just letters is needed here. You must use numbers and characters to create a strong password. This way it is much more difficult to guess. It is worth “mixing the patterns”, that is, do not use the LETTERSDIGITSCHARACTERS sequence. 

A much stronger password is when everything is mixed together. In addition, it is worth remembering to use different sizes of letters, which are an additional difficulty. Additionally, the password should be long. The shorter the length, the easier it is for the hacker to work.

What is a phrase password? How to make them?

What is a phrase password? How to make them?
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This is an idea on how to make your password hard to guess. You use different words that are not related to each other in any way. It may form a sequence that is easy to remember – for example by rhyming, but it is not a necessity. In this way, you will create a strong, long password at the same time and you will not have to worry about forgetting about it in a moment. 

Of course, it is worth strengthening them with capital letters, numbers and signs. Then you can be sure that your account is well secured. For this, you can use a random word generator that you can combine into one string of words. If you want to be a bit more creative, you can use the dice and write out different combinations of numbers that you can get in the throws, then assign a word to each and it’s ready. Just throw the dice and choose phrases.

How do I create a strong password? This question is certainly asking a lot of people. This is an important issue for the security of your data. Here, first of all, you need to use common sense and go to your head. Do not set a password, which is the name of a loved one or your pet, about which the information appears on every other photo posted on social media. Then it is very easy to hack your account – in such a situation you do not even have to spend too much time on it. Remember that the password is not just letters. Fortunately, more and more websites do not accept letter passwords when setting up an account and ask you to strengthen them with characters and numbers to proceed to the next steps in registration.

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