The most interesting series premieres on OTT Platforms – August 2022

The most interesting series premieres on streaming services - August 2022

Last week we took a look at the upcoming premieres in the world of video games and cinema productions . After a moment of rest, it’s time to analyze the third branch of entertainment – series. Here are the most interesting series premieres of August in the world of streaming services.

Premieres of series on streaming services – August 2022

Premieres of series on streaming services - August 2022

Half of July is behind us, so it’s high time to take a look at what awaits us next month. It just so happens that August will bear fruit not only in high temperatures, but also hot premieres on many different streaming services. Currently, our eyes are focused on such productions as Call Saul, Resident Evil or the still resonating Stranger Things .

In just a few weeks , Netflix , HBO Max , Disney + and other platforms will conquer new series. All the most interesting August premieres on the largest streaming services can be found in the list below. No unnecessary wrapping – here they are!

Sandman – Season 1 (Netflix)

On August 5, the Netflix library will be strengthened with a new fantasy series. Sandman is a production based on the Neil Gaiman comic book series published by DC. The title character is played by Tom Sturridge, whom you can associate with appearances in such films as Waiting for Eternity, Effie Gray or Far from the Noise .

In addition to the London-born actor, Gwendoline Christie, Jenna Coleman, Joely Richardson and Boyd Holbrook were hired by Sandman . It seems that the upcoming series is a must-have production for all fans of unpredictable fantasy worlds and phenomenal edition of surrealism.

Locke & Key – season 3 (Netflix)

Now, for a change, the premiere of not the first, but already the third season of the series. It is Locke & Key , the third installment of which will debut on August 10. After the relatively well-received first season and the average second season, the appetites of the fans of the series significantly increased. We will find out in less than a month whether they can be satisfied.

I Am Groot – season 1 (Disney +)

On the same day, August 10, the long-awaited series dedicated to one of the most beloved trees in the world of entertainment will premiere. I Am Groot is a series of several short productions that, when put together, are to provide us with a large dose of entertainment and a smile on our face.

The main storyline of the episodes will be the character of Baby Groot , who loves to get into all kinds of trouble. The title character will be voiced by none other than Vin Diesel. At the moment, we know that the short series will consist of five episodes, all of them directed by Kirsten Lepore.

Patron She-Hulk – season 1 (Disney +)

We stay in the atmosphere of Marvel and Disney +. On August 17, the first episode of the first season of Attorney She-Hulk will have its great premiere . The next episodes will be available on the platform every Wednesday. In total, the first season will consist of nine episodes. As the title suggests, the production tells about the adventures of Jennifer Walters, also known as She-Hulk , which is simply a female version of a green superhero.

The lawyer will be played by Tatiana Maslany , who has previously worked on such productions as Orphan Black, Golden Lady and Perry Mason . The cast of the series will also include Hulk himself, who will be re-played by Mark Ruffalo . In addition to the green two superheroes, we will also see many well-known characters from the entire Marvel universe on the screen.

House of the Dragon – Season 1 (HBO Max)

We are breaking free from Marvel’s production for a series that has been reverberating in the entertainment world for many months. We are talking about the Dragon Family , which will technically be the prequel to Game of Thrones . The series is based on George RR Martin’s book Fire and Blood. What can we expect from the upcoming premiere?

First of all, a lot of fun, spectacular scenes and an extraordinary script. HBO is responsible for the production. The debut of the first episode of the first season of the series will take place on August 21 on the HBO Max platform. The next episodes will be available every Sunday.

Andor – season 1 (Disney +)

At the very end of the month, we return to the Disney + platform. This is where the first episode of the first season of the Andor series will appear on August 31 . If you are keenly interested in the Star Wars series , you surely know that it will be a production devoted to the title character, whom we could meet in the movie Rogue 1 .

Diego Luna will play Cassiana Andorra again. It may not be a production that will attract millions of viewers, but the new entry in such a well-deserved franchise as Star Wars always deserves a mention.

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