[18+] The most sick and disgusting horror movies you shouldn’t watch at all

disgusting horror movies

Horror movies are one of the most popular movie genres, but some of them are so extreme that it is better to avoid them. Well, unless your psyche is really strong.

Extreme horror movies – sick visions or justified shock therapy?

horror movies

Human nature is constructed in such a way that it tries to exceed subsequent cognitive boundaries. Unfortunately, in the case of horror movies, this has its downsides. This genre of films is based on arousing fear, anxiety, sometimes disgust and showing extreme events related to the threat or loss of life. On the other hand, mainstream horror films have certain boundaries that allow relatively large audiences to find an outlet for excitement without compromising mental health. 

Those horrors you read about below these limits, unfortunately, do not recognize. They are sick and disgusting films, and most of them do not even have a solid justification for their existence. In addition to projecting our own fear of pain and dying / mutilation combined with the subcutaneous excitement of watching other people’s suffering. While watching these films, we become, as it were, absent participants of extreme events, without taking any responsibility for what we watch. 

These horror movies are reigned by hideous violence, a sense of hopelessness, monstrous darkness, misogyny and, in general, misanthropy. If your nerves are weak and even mainstream horror movies cause you neurosis and sleepless nights, then don’t watch any of the following movies under any circumstances. You have been warned. then do not watch any of the following movies under any circumstances. You have been warned. then do not watch any of the following movies under any circumstances. You have been warned.

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Serbian film

We start with a horror movie that became infamous in the Internet era. The story of a retired porn star who is forced to perform terrible sexual acts is without a doubt a movie that shouldn’t be made at all. “Shocking” is a word that does not even partially reflect the disgusting and sick nature of this production. The finale itself is practically unbearable. Horror movies like this make you develop a powerful aversion to the human species. It is not hardly surprising that it has been banned in many countries.

Cannibal Holocaust

There is a film in front of you, the director of which was accused of murder, because a large number of viewers believed that what he filmed was not fake. “Cannibal Holocaust” (the title itself fits an extreme black metal band, although it functions as a less “poetic” ” Naked and torn apart “) is probably the most controversial and shocking film of all time

Not only because of the extremely realistically depicted scenes of rape and murder, but also because animals were really killed in it. If only for this reason, I would recommend not to “reward” this production with your time. The fewer people watch it, the sooner it will be forgotten. On the other hand, it is one of the few films on this list that has a real message dealing with the topic of what a man is capable of when he is not bound by any social norms. Nevertheless, I insist that you did not have to resort to such means to tell about it.

The human centipede

Probably everyone has heard about this movie, although a large part of this group probably did not watch it in the end. And good. The “human centipede” leaves a mark on our psyche. And it is not a pleasant trace. Of all the films on this list that show truly offensive and shocking scenes, it is The Human Centipede that shows the sickest imagination. It’s scary sometimes to think what ideas are on people’s minds. Even if they do not implement them, even in the film version …

I’m spitting on your grave

In this case, the title itself can be rejected. Though some find it quite a funny part of the poetics of this revenge porn production . And few movies are so well captured by the term “revenge porn” as “I’m spitting on your grave.” After being brutally raped, the main character of the film begins to take revenge on her torturers. 

So we get not only monstrous scenes of rape, but also murders, including castration. Supposedly, all this is kept within the framework of the cinema of revenge, and the evil is punished, but it is really difficult to watch the whole thing without feeling disgusted with the human species and the depressive states that follow it. It’s an ugly movie showing horrible things. Who would want to watch something like this?

Test rabbit 2: Flesh and blood flower

Let me put it this way – it is definitely not a movie for a romantic evening with a partner. Although in its own fucked-up way, it’s almost a piece of poetry. At least that’s how you can perceive them if you are huge fans of gore cinema. Test rabbit 2 is the perfect gore experience. 

There is actually nothing else in it. Including the plot. It is simply a record of the slow dismemberment of a woman kidnapped and drugged. More than one psychologist and psychiatrist has probably found interesting conclusions in this film for its creators and viewers. Speaking of viewers, some time Charlie Sheen saw it and, thinking that he was watching a real dismemberment of a woman, reported the case to the FBI .

Salò, or the 120 days of Sodom

A loose adaptation of the book “120 days of Sodomy” from 1904 by Marquis de Sade. It centers around four Italian libertines who kidnap 18 teenagers and subject them to months of sadism, murder, violence and sexual acts. 

The film was banned in several countries , causing controversy not only because of the scenes of abusive treatment of people, but also because of the young actors, including teenage actors, who were involved in the production. The defenders of the film point out that apart from the drastic nature, Salo tries to tell us a bit about society. The only question is whether it really needs to be done with such blunt means …

Hostel 2

Not that the first “Hostel” was a good movie, but the creators of the two made it impossible – they made the sequel even worse. And even more disgusting, by the way. This is really extreme cinema for people who could use some therapy, because watching a pointless orgy of violence, torture and hurting others is not a normal outlet for adrenaline.


This horror, which has little to do with romanticism, is not only disgusting and repulsive, but also … overwhelmingly sad and depressing (although it is closer to black comedy in terms of its genre). It tells about necrophilia, also in this case it is not surprising that it was banned in many countries. Of course, you can give him a philosophy and a deeper meaning, both metaphorical and cultural, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable with myself if I recommended a film about deviation to anyone. And this is still a poorly made film about deviation


At the end, a curiosity movie. Pig turned out to be a film that disturbed and terrified the filmmakers so much that the director did everything not to make it available to the public. The only footage of Pig that you can see is the trailer. In an interview with the website Bloody Disgusting, director Adam Mason said the only copy is hidden deep in his basement. 

The film focuses on a deranged and psychotic man, torturing three chained victims. In Pig, nothing is unacceptable when it comes to torture and violence. Bearing in mind how sick and brutal films saw the daylight, we can only guess how fucked up “Pig” must have been, since its creator himself thinks that it cannot be shown to the world.

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