The first game entirely by AI hit Steam. See how it looks

This Girl Does Not Exist - game made by AI attacks Steam

In recent weeks and even months, the internet has been hitting images entirely generated by artificial intelligence. It turns out that AI does not have to limit its creativity to drawings, because it is just as good at creating full-fledged games.

This Girl Does Not Exist – game made by AI attacks Steam

This Girl Does Not Exist - game made by AI attacks Steam

Probably each of us has already seen images created by artificial intelligence. One of such drawings at one time even won an art competition , which caused quite a scandal among competitors. Everything indicates that the works of art generated by AI do not have to be limited to drawings. A foretaste of this was given to us by the Google DeepMind London team, which recently, thanks to the use of deep learning, made artificial intelligence mastered the game of football .

The powerful capabilities of AI can also be transferred to the world of video games. A great example of this is This Girl Does Not Exist , a production that has been available on the Steam platform for several days . In theory, Cute Pen Games studio, run by a married couple, is responsible for the production of the game, but in practice things are much more interesting. More precisely, the puzzle was entirely generated by artificial intelligence.

As stated by the publishers in This Girl Does Not Exist , the story, pictures and music are the work of creativity developed by AI. Of course, we are not talking about a powerful AAA game, because the production in question is an extremely simple puzzle in which the player’s main task is to complete photos of dating girls. The programmer – mrspotatoes (nickname from Discord) spoke about the process of creating this title . The woman noticed that creating games using artificial intelligence is associated with a lot of problems and dilemmas that traditional producers avoid.

One of the problems is trial and error. This is due to the lack of influence on the images generated by AI. This is even more visible in a game like This Girl Does Not Exist , which focuses on portraits of unique women with a unique voice timbre.

This is something that artificial intelligence struggles with. How is it supposed to generate images of the same person, but in different poses and settings? I had to repeat the process many times, but finally managed to get “the same person” out of the set of photos.


Is there a demand for AI games on the market?

This Girl Does Not Exist - game made by AI attacks Steam

It’s hard to deny that the project created by the couple can be boldly considered one of the most interesting AI applications this year. Nevertheless, do players need such products at all? Looking at This Girl Does Not Exist , for example , the fact that the game was made by an artificial intelligence did not attract a lot of fans to it. The production of Cute Pen Games, despite the fact that it has been available on Steam for several days, has only two reviews – one negative and one positive.

Mrspotatoes revealed that her husband, the co-creator of the project, was worried about the acceptance of the game by the players during the work. The man was mainly concerned with the allegations of “untrue title” and “low development workload”. Meanwhile, the woman approached the whole undertaking quite the opposite. In her opinion, This Girl Does Not Exist is ” a show of modern technology”.

Despite their doubts, the couple sent the finished game to around 250 YouTubers asking them to test it. Most of them ignored the messages despite the fact that they received the key to This Girl Does Not Exist for free ( currently the title on Steam costs USD $4.99 ). Eventually, one of the web developers decided to try their hand at the game through a live broadcast. The result of this is definitely not the best for Cute Pen Games.

One YouTuber was streaming our game, but his viewers hated the AI. They wrote in the chat that artificial intelligence would take their jobs, and that they felt kitschy vibrations from the game.


In addition, the misfire of This Girl Does Not Exist is evidenced by the fact that the production generated by AI recorded the worst sales of all games by Cute Pen Games. This is demotivating, because a large part of the production of marriage is only displayed on the Steam store after logging in (due to sexual content).

Despite this, mrspotatoes is not losing its enthusiasm to create new games with AI. The woman believes that she will also use artificial intelligence in future projects, but this time she will notify players about it some time after the premiere. According to the creator of This Girl Does Not Exist , some players approached this title with specific prejudices. Well, hopefully Cute Pen Games will soon be able to talk about much more success in the industry.

Source: Kotaku

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