Hell is frozen over – the iPhone 14 is surprisingly easy to repair. “This is the most important change in years”

iPhone 14 Teardown - disassembly

It turns out that the iPhone 14 is much more different from the iPhone 13 than the technical specifications would suggest. The latest Apple smartphone has been completely rebuilt inside and assembled according to a different philosophy, although seemingly from the outside we are dealing with almost the same, well-known design. However, engineers at iFixit found that repairing the iPhone 14 yourself will be simple and fun, and not only compared to its predecessor.

iFixit: Repair iPhone 14 yourself

IFixit engineers agree that all changes to the design of the iPhone have one goal in mind: to make the device repair-friendly . Thanks to this, services and people with a DIY enthusiasm will be able to restore the iPhone to full functionality much easier and faster than the current design would allow. 

Apple has completely redesigned the inside of the iPhone 14 to make it easier to repair. It’s not at all visible from the outside, but it’s the most important change in the design of the iPhone in a long time.

 – said iFixit founder Kyle Wiens.

One of the most important changes is that the rear glass panel is now very easy to remove. Until now, removing it has been an extremely difficult process, during which it was easy to damage both this part and what is underneath it . On the iPhone 14, what holds it in place are two screws and a single fastener at the bottom of the device’s bezel, as well as a new adhesive blend.

This one holds the connected elements much less aggressively than its predecessor. As a result, the heating mat can quickly and efficiently heat it up to a level where you can easily separate the connected elements . The same applies to the installation of the display, the replacement of which has also become easier.

iPhone 14 – repair should be a last resort

By the way, not only repairing the iPhone 14 yourself will become simple, but also … less often required. The new design is to concentrate all the impact energy from possible falls of the device in the metal frame and the battery. Thus, a broken screen or back panel will be a much rarer sight than before. 

All of this translates into a score of 7/10 on the iFixit Ease of Repair Rating Scale. This is the best result since the iPhone 7. It also shows that greater technological advancement does not necessarily mean more and more difficult equipment repair. Remember, however, that the positive change only applies to the iPhone 14, and not the entire new line of Apple smartphones . The Pro and Pro Max models have been designed according to the old guidelines. 

Source: iFixit

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