Review of Samsung QN91A Neo QLED – perfection in a moment

Samsung has been trying to be the best for a long time when it comes to TVs. The review of the Samsung QN91A only proves this, because the company has implemented many new functions in this model that are not theoretically visible at first glance. It’s also one of the top series from this manufacturer, so is it worth the money? 

LG OLED48C1 Review – A great TV, but not perfect yet

LG has already become a legend in terms of its OLEDs . Especially the C series models, which are usually the most profitable option due to relatively small price differences with much better image quality than the lower series. The review of the LG OLED48C1 was a pleasure for me, but also a delicate breath of freshness, because I personally have a TV with QLED technology, which still holds its position despite the competition of a newer and more expensive competitor.