Intel will produce chips for Nvidia? The talks are ongoing

Intel’s strategy to start making custom chipsets is already bearing fruit. It turns out that the Blues may soon gain a powerful, greener client, more specifically Nvidia. Thus, more arrangements for Geforce. It also means a further tightening of the ties between the manufacturers behind CPUs and graphics cards. Considering that Intel wants to get into the graphics card market seriously, this is an interesting twist.

Modular processors like PCs? The biggest technology giants are working on a new standard

A good example here are multi-core processors with integrated memory and often iGPUs, or SoCs known as ARM processors for smartphones, where apart from the CPU itself, there are also wireless communication modules, satellite navigation, graphics, or NPU. Currently, each manufacturer combines individual parts in their own unique way, which causes a lot of problems in the production, design and supply chains of individual elements. To solve this problem, the Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (UCIe) is being developed.