Intel will produce chips for Nvidia? The talks are ongoing

Intel will produce chips for Nvidia

Intel’s strategy to start making custom chipsets is already bearing fruit. It turns out that the Blues may soon gain a powerful, greener client, more specifically Nvidia. Thus, more arrangements for Geforce. It also means a further tightening of the ties between the manufacturers behind CPUs and graphics cards. Considering that Intel wants to get into the graphics card market seriously, this is an interesting twist.

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Intel will produce chips for Nvidia

Intel will produce chips for Nvidia

Of course, we won’t see Nvidia graphics cards from Intel factories too soon. This requires not only getting along with the interested parties and adapting the production lines to the requirements of the Greens. Establishing new supply chains is also crucial. 

Remember that the graphics core itself is only a small fraction of the card itself, if we take into account the elements on the device’s PCB. So it is necessary to bring memory chips, discrete and cooling elements, as well as ports. And not only to another factory, but also to another continent.

Today, most of Nvidia’s IC manufacturing is done by the world’s largest IC manufacturer, TSMC, which mainly operates in Taiwan. Its factories in the USA, on the other hand, are geared mainly to the needs of the local army and possibly Apple, which is its key customer. Intel also has factories around the world, but these are mainly in the US and Europe.

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There is also the question of competition. After all , Intel also produces graphics cards, and over time there will only be more. So some people suggest that the Blues could steal secrets from the Greens 

The representative of Nvidia, however, cut off all speculation on this matter: he openly admitted that Intel already knows all their secrets and the production order does not change anything in this matter. What’s more, he emphasized that those in the Blue are safe.

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