[Review] Roborock S7 + – An Innovative and Hybrid Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Many Benefits

The Roborock S7 + is one of the most innovative and expensive robotic vacuum cleaners on the market, and is one of those rare models that can vacuum and wash floors at the same time. Many of these devices avoid Carpets during the cleaning process, but the S7 + automatically raises the wash platform when moving onto the carpet and performs both tasks at the same time.

[Review] Roborock Q7 Max + – younger and cheaper siblings of Roborock S7

Roborock is a brand known to everyone, although a bit interested in the subject of cleaning robots. Its recognition is mainly due to the line of autonomous vacuum cleaners signed with the letter S, but it cannot be said that it is their only work. Other products include vacuum cleaners with the symbol E, and now another new series is added – Q. The first of their representatives with the promising name Roborock Q7 Max + has just come to me for review.