[Review] Roborock S7 + – An Innovative and Hybrid Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Many Benefits

The Roborock S7 + is one of the most innovative and expensive robotic vacuum cleaners on the market, and is one of those rare models that can vacuum and wash floors at the same time. Many of these devices avoid Carpets during the cleaning process, but the S7 + automatically raises the wash platform when moving onto the carpet and performs both tasks at the same time.

The dust box can be cleaned on its own, the battery life is long, there is an excellent anti-collision system, and the dust is collected from the floors very efficiently. Although the Roborock S7 + does not 100% disinfect the floor, as it only washes with water and not cleaning agents, it will make your floor shine. This is the ideal 2-in-1 Hybrid Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Trash Station (must be purchased separately).

Roborock S7 + review in three sentences

Yes, the Roborock S7 + is expensive, but it has some of the most innovative features in a robot vacuum cleaner. This is self-cleaning, setting the areas and rooms to be cleaned, dry and wet cleaning at the same time, and much more. If you can afford to spend on a robot vacuum cleaner, the Roborock S7 Plus is one of the best deals.

Advantages and disadvantages of Roborock S7 +


  • Automatic cleaning
  • Strong suction power
  • Vacuum and wipe at the same time
  • Rarely gets stuck or crashes somewhere
  • Multi-stage air filtration with HEPA filter
  • Several levels of cleaning floors and lifting the cleaning cloth
  • Supports multi-level maps, timetables, boundaries and zones


  • It costs expensive
  • Wipes with water only
  • Makes a lot of noise when cleaning carpets
Roborock S7 +

Roborock S7 + specifications

Mapping / route planningYes
Display Sensor TypeLDS
High precision mapYes
Object recognition (front camera)Not
Optical virtual wallsNot
Height of overcome barriers20 mm
Cleaning area300 m / sq
Drop sensorYes
Cleaning features
Suction power2500 Pa
Waste container capacity470 ml
Automatic garbage disposalYes
Disposable dust bag capacity3 l
HEPA filterYes
Washable filterYes
Side brushes1 PC.
Reinforcement for cleaning carpetsYes
Dirt sensorNot
Trash can full sensorNot
Features of cleaning floors
Wet cleaningYes
Electric water flow controlYes
Water tank capacity300 ml
Vibrating mopYes
Automatic lifting of the mopYes
Refueling water tankNot
Automatic mop washNot
Battery capacity5200 mAh
Autonomy of work180 minutes
Automatic charging from the docking stationYes
Charging time300 minutes
Rated power (W)68 watts
Usage and control
Wi-Fi and Smartphone AppYes
IR / RF remote controlNot
Wi-Fi frequency range2.4 GHz
Amazon Alexa supportYes
Google Assistant supportYes
Siri supportYes
Voice announcementYes
Noise level67 dBA
Application features
Real-time trackingYes
Digital locked areasYes
Zoned cleaningYes
Multi-level cardsYes
Manual motion controlYes
Cleaning of selected roomsYes
Set zones without wet cleaningYes
Other characteristics
Weight4.7 kg
Width35.3 cm
Height9.65 cm
In a box with a vacuum cleanerWater container, mopping pad, user manual, AC adapter, charging dock
Cleaning stationOffered separately
Guarantee12 months

Features and differences

The Roborock S7 robot vacuum cleaner cleans both carpets and hard surfaces well, and is suitable for simultaneously cleaning both types of surfaces.

Roborock S7 plus

There are four cleaning modes: Quiet, Balanced (default), Turbo and Maximum. The suction force reaches an impressive 2500 Pa, so the vacuum cleaner is great for apartments with pets.

A key feature of the S7 is carpet cleaning and mopping in one go, keeping carpets dry. Other hybrid models simply bypass the carpets in the wash mode, when Roborock does not just calmly drive over them, but also cleans them. As soon as the device senses the carpet underneath it, it raises the wash pad by 0.5 cm and begins to suck in the dust. For modern robotic vacuum cleaners, this is an innovative and unique feature.

Design and management

The Roborock S7 + measures 9.65 cm in height and 35.3 cm in diameter. It is one of the largest robotic vacuum cleaners on the market.

This height is partly due to a laser distance sensor (lidar) located on the top of the case, which scans the room for obstacles. If you need a low vacuum cleaner to fit under cabinets and sofas, you can take the 7.7 cm REDMOND RV-R650S .

Roborock S7 + Review

The S7 Plus does not have a remote control, but you can control the operation of the device through the Roborock app for Android and iOS or by voice, through the virtual assistants Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. There are also three physical keys on the upper side of the case. When you press the middle button, the robot will start cleaning when a long hold turns the device on or off.

The key on the left – starts spot cleaning, pressing it and holding it switches the Roborock S7 into childproof mode (all buttons are locked). The key on the right will send the robot to the docking station. The power button, located in the middle, glows white when the battery charge is more than 20%, and red if it is less than 20%. If the robot is starting up or charging, the white light flashes slowly, and the fast red flashes indicate an error.

There is another indicator above the keys. During dry cleaning, it glows white, when dry and wet cleaning at the same time – blue. The indicator turns green – while charging or while on the docking station, and the orange color warns of a possible error that has occurred.

Smartphone app

To control and configure the Roborock S7 Plus, there is a special Roborock application for smartphones on Android and IOS, in which you will be able to configure additional functions.

Roborock S7 + app

With the help of a LiDAR sensor, the robot vacuum cleaner quickly and accurately maps the premises, displaying it in the application. After that, you can mark and name zones, set up virtual walls or mark rooms where the vacuum cleaner does not need to drive in.

Before starting work, the application allows you to set the suction power and wet cleaning mode both for the whole house and for individual zones. You can make the S7 perform up to three passes in one cycle. There is in the Roborock application and the ability to set a schedule and view history. In addition, the S7 from Roborock supports control via Alexa and Google Assistant virtual voice assistants.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Components

If you open the top cover of the Roborock S7, you will see a dust bin, a reset key and a Wi-Fi connection indicator.

There is a small, washable HEPA filter inside the dust container. At the rear, on the side surface of the Roborock, a water tank with a volume of 0.3 liters is installed. Underneath are the main brush, side brush for difficult areas, six step or rung detection sensors and a carpet sensor. When the vacuum cleaner drives onto the carpet, it automatically increases the suction power. This is a very useful feature not available on most competitive models.

The self-cleaning station has a disposable bag for collecting garbage, with a volume of 3 liters, and one more is included in the kit. The station itself consists of two chambers – a HEPA filter is installed on the left, capturing 99.99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns (according to Roborock). On the right is the trash bag.

When the S7 + returns to the station after cleaning, cleaning starts automatically. This is a loud process – for 30 seconds the device will make noise like a regular handheld vacuum cleaner, because special motors suck out all the dirt and dust from the robot’s tank.

Particularly impressive is the ability of the Roborock S7 to avoid obstacles, this vacuum cleaner does not get stuck anywhere and does not bump into anything.

The robot easily bypasses objects that stop almost all other cheaper robots. However, this is not the quietest device: in balanced mode, the volume reaches 58 dB, and on carpet it can be as high as 69 dB.

A noise level of 70 dB is already considered uncomfortable – especially if you are sensitive to it. In this case, I advise you to set the cleaning time through the application for the time when you are absent.

Wet cleaning

During wet cleaning, the Roborock S7 Plus transmits vibrating motions to the washing platform to simulate scraping motions.

Roborock S7

There are three vibration levels to choose from: low, medium and intense, although it is better to immediately choose the latter. The only problem is that the S7 + only wipes the floors with water, not detergent. Roborock emphasizes that disinfectants and special cleaning fluids can damage the water tank.

Despite this, the S7 Plus copes with cleaning floors flawlessly. Even after one pass at an intensive level, the surface is already shiny, and no dirt is visible on it. After moving to the carpet, the platform with the washing cushion rises, so after cleaning the carpet remains completely dry.

Autonomy Roborock S7 Plus

The Roborock S7 works quickly and efficiently, going through all areas of your home – first along the edges of the room, and then in straight lines through the middle of the rooms.

This sets it apart from the cheaper robots that roam randomly from wall to wall. It takes about half an hour for an apartment of 45 m², when the battery charge remains at 80%. If the device washes the floors at the same time, the process will already take about 45 minutes. In balanced mode, a single battery charge lasts for almost 2 hours, but much depends on the suction power of the vacuum cleaner.

The S7 battery has a capacity of 5200 mAh, and in quiet mode, the energy is enough for 3 hours of cleaning. When the charge drops to below 20%, Roborock returns to its station and does not start the next cleaning until the battery is charged, to the required level. If the vacuum cleaner does not have time to finish cleaning, it will resume it as soon as there is enough energy.

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Yes, the Roborock S7 + is expensive, but it has some of the most innovative features in a robot vacuum cleaner. This is self-cleaning, setting the areas and rooms to be cleaned, dry and wet cleaning at the same time, and much more.

The new S7 + lasts a long time on a single charge and allows you not to worry about the device hitting somewhere or getting stuck somewhere. You can set the start of cleaning at a certain time and calmly leave the house.

The function of automatically raising the wash pillow is also impressive. As soon as the Roborock S7 detects a carpet under it, it switches to dust suction mode. Usually, even after one pass through the room, the floors become perfectly clean, when the whole process does not last long.

Should I buy Roborock S7 +

Yes, this is one of the best models on the market today. If you can afford to spend on a robot vacuum cleaner, the Roborock S7 Plus is one of the best deals.

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Roborock S7 cleaning robot with unique mop lift function to prevent carpets from getting wet, vacuums and wipes floors at the same time, better than the competition.

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