The end of Windows in Russia – it’s official

The end of Windows in Russia - it's official

In Russia, Windows 10 and 11 are not downloadable, and the old windows have been updateable for some time. And although Microsoft has not taken an official position on this matter, we already know that this is not a bug. The company wants to completely leave Russia and leave no trace of its services in it. So it can be said that the age of Linux is rapidly approaching in this country. It doesn’t sound very good to the Penguin’s image, however. And it is not so certain …

The end of Windows in Russia

The end of Windows in Russia

Although Microsoft has made no statement, one of Microsoft’s CEOs, Brad Smith, said in an interview:

As for Russia, we can see that our business in that country is shrinking, shrinking, shrinking … and apparently will shrink until there is almost nothing left of it and absolutely nothing.

So there is no question of withdrawing from Russia, but of continuing to provide its services in it, as Google does. Absolutely nothing is quite an eloquent statement that clearly shows in which direction the company intends to go in relation to this country. Of course, it is not easy for such a large corporation with numerous contracts to leave him. Especially since Microsoft itself has promised not to leave its employees out in the cold and provide them with support. Thus, the end of Windows in Russia is coming.

The end of Windows in Russia – what alternatives?

Of course, Russia must have some operating systems. Mac OS is out of the question because Apple computers are expensive and the company has already left the country before. So here comes the age of Linux? Oh well…. not necessarily. It is true that access to this system, especially to Russian distributions, cannot be blocked. However, the answer to what the future holds can be seen in Russian cinemas. And this is not some pseudo-intellectual metaphor on my part.

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Well, the films that are shown there are often illegal copies downloaded from the Internet. So what prevents the Russians from using the illegal Windows, so popular at the turn of the 1990s and 2000s? Especially since there are practically no safeguards that prevent the system from working . And most likely, even if they do appear, they will be broken quite quickly, with the applause of the authorities. 

So it is a gesture on the part of Microsoft rather than a real cut off of Russia from its systems. However, this is not due to the software manufacturer’s calculation, but the fact that he is not able to cut off his operating system realistically – he can do it unofficially at best.


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