Amazfit GTS 3 review

Amazfit GTS 3 review: an unimpressive smartwatch with an attractive design

Smartwatches from Amazfit are no less popular than Fossil, Samsung or Fitbit, as the company often releases new and good models. If you have an Android smartphone, be sure to check out the new Amazfit GTS 3, an updated model of the GTS series.

However, the main problem with Amazfit watches is that third-party applications cannot be installed on them, as on wearable devices with the Wear OS operating system from Google. The GTS 3 also does not allow contactless payments or answering phone calls. There is no internal storage for music here either.

If you want to listen to music while jogging, you have to take your smartphone with you. But the watch has a reasonable price and many functions for tracking workouts, body indicators. If that’s enough for you, the Amazfit GTS 3 should be yours.

Amazfit GTS 3 specifications

  • Screen: 1.75-inch AMOLED, 341 ppi
  • Screen protector: Anti-fingerprint coated tempered glass
  • Water resistance: 5 ATM
  • Silicone strap: 20mm
  • OS Compatibility: Android 7.0, iOS 12.0 and above
  • Communication: Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz, Bluetooth 5.1 BLE
  • Microphone: Yes (no speaker)
  • Sensors: BioTracker 3 PPG optical biological tracking, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, air pressure, acceleration, illumination, skin temperature, blood saturation
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Battery: 250mAh
  • Autonomy: Up to 12 days (typical use), up to 20 days (watch mode)
  • Dimensions and weight: 42.4 x 36.8 x 8.8 mm, 24.5 grams
  • Price: ₹13,999.00.
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Amazfit GTS 3 Design and differences

Like the original Amazfit GTS , the GTS 3 resembles an Apple watch in appearance, even some of the watch faces are similar here.

If you like the style of the Apple Watch, this Amazfit model will be the right option. As before, the aluminum body is light and thin, yet robust. The silicone strap, on the other hand, will likely absorb sweat, moisture and dirt, which can irritate your skin. In addition, the end of the strap sticks out and often snags clothing, which is uncomfortable. Any other width of 20 mm can be used.

On the back of the Amazfit GTS 3 there are two metal contacts for charging and several optical sensors for measuring heart rate, SpO2 and other indicators.

Amazfit GTS 3 Clock display

The diagonal of the OLED display of Amazfit GTS 3 is equal to 1.75 inches, the screen is bright and detailed.

The display edges are rounded, and the glass cover is shock- and finger-proof. The maximum brightness reaches 1000 nits, which is enough for any conditions. Brightness adjusts automatically and is done flawlessly. You will hardly have to change the value manually through the slider in Settings.

Amazfit GTS 3 Controls and gestures

Amazfit GTS 3 has only one physical control key on the body. If the clock is off, a single press activates the display, a second and subsequent press will open a menu or return to the home screen. You can also take an action back by swiping to the right.

The crown-shaped button rotates – you can scroll through the interface sections, messages or configure settings. When rotating, vibration occurs, which can be turned off, although this feedback is very convenient. However, unlike the Apple Watch 7 , the vibration intensity is always the same and quite strong, since it is used as an alarm signal.

There is no dynamics on the GTS 3, so there is no other way for notifications. The watch supports the “lift to wake up” gesture, while there is an always-on screen. It makes no sense to use both functions at the same time, but you can set two dials at once. The first is to show the time, the second is to show more detailed information when you turn your hand. There is also a setting in which the clock will turn on after receiving a notification.

Amazfit GTS 3 System and software

One of the main problems with Amazfit GTS 3 is the use of proprietary software. Only the functions and applications installed in the Zepp OS application are available to you.

Technically, there is an app store here, but it basically has basic functions like a flashlight that can be considered standard. You won’t find apps like Spotify.

The main functions of the GTS 3 are available in the main menu: heart rate measurement, activity, sleep, weather, music, alarm, calendar and settings. In the Zepp application, this list can be edited and instead of unnecessary ones, you can add a barometer, stopwatch, timer, camera control and a number of others.

Swiping down from the top of the display opens the quick settings panel. Among them are the “Do not disturb” mode, phone search (by turning on the sound signal on the smartphone), flashlight, brightness and power saving mode. Swiping to the right on the watch face will reveal several widgets with quick access to body metrics and other useful information.

The voice assistant Alexa is also called from this menu, which, alas, is not available in our region. The same actions can be done by pressing and holding a physical key. On the screen of the Amazfit wearable gadget, notifications from applications are also displayed. The list is configured in Zepp software, but you cannot answer them.

Alas, the watch has a problem with the responsiveness of the display – sometimes clicks and swipes are simply not recognized. For a device in this price segment, this is unacceptable.

Zepp app

To fully use all the features of the Amazfit GTS 3, you need to download the Zepp app to your smartphone.

The app will store and display the training data collected by the smartwatch, and here you can find all the settings. Such an abundance of information allows you to find out how well you slept last night, and how your heart rate changed during the day.

It is easier to find out the level of oxygen in the blood (SpO2) and stress after hours, although the usefulness of the second indicator is questionable. In the app at the top, you will find the PAI value – an overall assessment of your activity. It shows the result for the last 7 days. You need to score 100 points in a week. PAI points are earned whenever your heart rate rises. The easiest way to do this is through intense training.

PAI is also displayed on some of the GTS 3 watch faces. You can always see how much you have left to reach your goal. It is a good motivating system for most fitness and workout enthusiasts.

Amazfit GTS 3 Health and exercise monitoring

Amazfit claims the GTS 3 supports over 150 types of active workouts, although only a few are automatically recognized: running, walking and cycling.

There is even esports, chess and cards. During the lesson, you will see useful statistics on the Amazfit GTS 3 smartwatch: duration, pace, distance covered, heart rate and VO2 max. Since we have protection against water, the gadget is also suitable for swimming, and will track your heart rate even as you enter.

The accuracy of the readings is about the same as on the Apple Watch 6 , so there should be no problems here.

There is one useful function – measurement of all indicators with one click. The process takes 45 seconds, however, you will immediately see your heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, stress level and breathing rate per minute.

Autonomy Amazfit GTS 3

According to Amazfit, the GTS 3 will last up to 12 days on a single charge with typical use.

But such a result is possible only in the energy-saving mode. If you continuously measure your heart rate and turn on the always-on display, the battery will last for a maximum of 5 days. But, this is also an excellent indicator for a wearable gadget, because some top-level models only work for two days.

When activating functions that consume a lot of energy, a corresponding warning will be shown on the display. The watch is charged with a magnetic cable for 2 hours.


The Amazfit GTS 3 smartwatch does not seem to me to be a step forward. It doesn’t even have the speaker that the GTS 2 had. Yes, the display has increased slightly, a rotating crown and automatic SpO2 tracking. But, I miss the ability to receive calls on my wrist. Also, NFC is only available on the Chinese version.

The battery life is still good, although there is no normal support for third-party apps.

Should I buy Amazfit GTS 3

Yes, the Amazfit GTS 3 has become more attractive in appearance and also costs less at the start of sales. In practice, the new model boasts only more accurate sensors, constant monitoring of blood oxygen levels and notifications of low or high heart rate.

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