This is what Android Auto looks like after the changes – even Apple CarPlay does not have such an option

Android Auto looks like after the changes

The heavily modified Android Auto should reach users soon. Google is testing the patience of users, but a Reddit user has managed to see what the new version of the car app looks like. It seems that the system from the giant from Mountain View will outperform Apple’s offer in terms of personalization possibilities.

This is what the new version of Android Auto looks like – you can see it in the pictures

the new version of Android Auto looks like - you can see it in the pictures

The new version of Android Auto was announced by Google in May (during Google I / O ), but so far the system has not been officially launched on the market. We only knew that the developers wanted to improve the interface so that the view for the user would automatically adjust to the size of the display , and to introduce split screen as the default solution.

It would be good to see how it all works in practice, but Google is delaying the release of the new version of Android Auto. It turns out, however, that this software can be accessed as long as we have a rooted smartphone. It was used by a Reddit user who showed on the web what exactly the interface of the new version of the system from Google looks like.

As announced by the giant from Mountain View, there are three tiles on the main screen. Importantly, however, they can be personalized. For example, the tile showing the music playing can be enlarged to such an extent that the display shows only two applications , but in larger windows. There is no such option in Apple CarPlay – the user is forced to stay with three tiles.

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The new home screen can also be used on small displays . Until now, Google allowed to display a view with two panels on sufficiently wide screens. It seems that these types of restrictions are no longer working.

Unfortunately, it is still unknown when exactly the new version of Android Auto will officially debut. If adherence to schedules is at least somewhat important to Google, it should be in the near future . The system was supposed to appear this summer, and fall is now starting.

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