Hidden features of iOS 16. From password recall to haptic keyboard

Hidden features of iOS 16

Apple released new software for its smartphones in September. New iOS 16 features include a customizable lock screen , extras in the Messages app, and many improvements to email and navigation programs. In addition to the most promoted options, many other changes have been made that greatly improve the use of iPhone. Here are some hidden features of iOS 16 that you didn’t know about.

Detection of duplicates and protection of photos

The Photos app for iOS 16 will let us know how many identical photos we have. It also gives you the option to delete them to save space. Duplicate photos are placed in a new album which will be released if there are the same photos in our library.

In iOS 16, we can use Face ID or Touch ID authentication to access hidden and recently deleted photos. This blocks access to the aforementioned albums if someone gains access to our phone in any other way.

IOS 16 Features - Updates for AirPods
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IOS 16 Features – Updates for AirPods

It is easier to manage AirPods settings in the latest software version , thanks to the dedicated section. It appears in the Settings app when Apple Headphones are connected. ‌

iOS 16‌ also adds a personalized surround sound feature . The personal surround sound profile optimizes the sound characteristics from our angle. If we choose to create a surround sound profile, the device will digitally map the shape of the ears and head using the TrueDepth camera. The camera data for profile creation is processed only on the device and captured images are not stored.

Face ID in landscape mode

Cupertino smartphones with iOS 16 installed support the Face ID function in landscape mode . It makes it easier to unlock your iPhone when it is not being held in its default position. However, this possibility is limited to the iPhone 13 and newer and is already known from the iPad.

iOS 16 - Face ID in landscape mode

Wi-Fi password reminder

If you forgot the password to the network to which the phone is already connected, there is finally a solution to this problem. In the iPhone’s Wi-Fi settings, we can see the password of the network to which the device is connected. Such a small thing, and it really makes it easier.

Haptic Keyboard finally in iOS!

How long could you wait for this! Of course, there were third-party solutions available, but this solution was necessary in the system keyboard. The new version of the software debuts the keyboard setting that allows you to turn on haptics, which can be felt while typing. Vibrations are present each time a key is pressed, offering the user a physical confirmation that the letter or symbol has been pressed.

iOS 16‌ - Possibility to remove several built-in applications

Possibility to remove several built-in applications

In iOS 14, Tim Cook’s company made it possible for users to remove some apps that are pre-installed . With ‌iOS 16‌, Apple is expanding their number to include: Find, Clock and Health. Deleted apps can be re-downloaded from the App Store later, if needed. In the case of the Find application, I strongly advise against deleting it.

IOS features – iPhone charging changes

The long-awaited possibility of displaying the charge indicator directly on the status bar inside the battery icon has appeared again . This eliminates the need to swipe across the Control Center to check the charge level. The switch is not available on all iPhones.

On ‌iOS 16‌, if the ‌iPhone‌ gets too warm, we’ll get a new notification informing that charging will be paused until the device’s temperature drops. This is to prevent possible long-term damage to the phone’s battery.

IOS features iOS 16 - iPhone charging changes

Siri can disconnect calls in iOS 16

The new setting allows the user to use the Siri voice assistant to disconnect an active call . By going to Settings> Accessibility> ‌Siri‌ and activating Disconnect, we can now say “Hey ‌Siri‌ disconnect the connection” to end the active connection. Remember, however, that the second person participating in the conversation will hear our command. The solution works for us, but not in our language. 

No more accidentally hanging calls

Users can now press the side button to end an active call . In previous versions of iOS, pressing the side button and locking your smartphone while on a call ended the call immediately. In iOS 16, Apple allows users to disable this option. We have to go to Settings> Accessibility> Tap and toggling the option “Prevent blocking to end the call”.

IOS 16 Features – What’s New in the Music App

Sorting playlists by title, artist, album and release date has arrived in Apple Music . You can find the new sort option by pressing the three dots in the upper right corner while browsing the list.

One of the main, but probably lesser-known, features of the latest software is that Apple has brought back a full-screen music player on the lock screen . While listening to a song from Apple Music, Spotify or other music apps, we can press the album cover on the lock screen to get a whole new look of the player.

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