charge the phone all night

Android phones: What happens if I charge the phone all night?

Is this habit right or wrong? Is it harmful to the device? Here we explain and answer all the questions regarding this practice. Here we solve all your doubts. Take note.

Many have the habit of charging the cell phone before going to bed so that the next day dawns with the battery at 100%. Is it correct to do it? Here we solve all your doubts.

The end of a long day arrives and many people end up with the cell phone battery issuing alerts that it is about to run out completely. In this way, the habit of leaving the smartphone charging all night is taken so that the next day the battery is at 100% and to be able to send messages on WhatsApp, make calls or check social networks.

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Is this habit right or wrong? Is it harmful to the device? Here we explain and answer all the questions regarding this practice. Take note.

There are many people who do not know if it is necessary to disconnect it when it reaches its maximum limit. Will it get hot? Is it good or bad to have the cell phone charging all night?

What happens if I charge the phone all night

What happens if you leave your cell phone charging overnight

The first thing you should know is that all cell phones that contain a lithium battery are not affected by anything in the world.

That means that if your device is charged overnight, nothing will happen to it.

Lithium battery terminals tend to cut off power when they reach 100%.

In case you use it while it is connected, the energy loss will be completed again so that you have 100% again.

Always remember to keep the USB Type-C port of your Android totally clean, free of lint.

Why does my cell phone get hot?

One of them is that when you use applications and do not close them; the internal components of your cell phone can continue to work.

For this, it is always recommended to close an app as soon as you finish using it, otherwise the inconvenience and high temperatures can be seen again.

Let your cell phone rest in case you notice an extreme temperature, some cell phones even give you a message so that you stop using the smartphone because of how hot it is.

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Another possible cause of your smartphone heating up quickly is that it has malware or a virus that causes problems within your files.

One detail is that when you use the maximum brightness of your cell phone, you will also notice warmth. The recommendation is always to use auto-brightness so that the pixels dim their lighting.

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