How to prepare a smartphone for a senior? Step by step guide

prepare a smartphone for a senior

More and more elderly people are using modern mobile phones. However, the question arises how to prepare a smartphone for a senior so that it can be used comfortably. After reading this guide, you will easily make the device meet the expectations of grandma or grandpa and will not cause frustration related to the operation.

We explain how to prepare a smartphone for a senior

Often when looking for a phone for an older person, the choice immediately falls on a classic cell with keys. We assume that such a device will be easier to use than a smartphone for someone who has used only a landline telephone for many years. 

There is some justification for this, after all, an ordinary phone has much less options than a smartphone. On the other hand, it may be difficult for a grandmother or grandfather to remember the key combinations needed to unlock the device or dial a number from the contact list, in addition to the problem of the very small, low-resolution display that classic phones are most often equipped with. 

It may be difficult for a senior to read something on it. All these things considered, a smartphone could be a sensible alternative. Provided we prepare it properly.

Make sure the device is properly protected

How to prepare a smartphone for a senior

Let’s face it – the new smartphone in the vast majority of cases will not be as solid as the old Nokia, which so far could have been used by grandma or grandpa. 

So before there is a situation where the phone screen is cracked or the edges are damaged, it is worth preventing it by using protective accessories . Of course, it’s best to help an older person assemble these products, as they may be dealing with them for the first time. 

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Delete everything unnecessary

How to prepare a smartphone for a senior

After starting up and basic configuration of the device, it’s a good idea to remove items from it that an older person will never use. These can be, for example, pre-installed applications from the phone’s manufacturer and unnecessary widgets and links on the home screen . 

What exactly to remove and what to leave? It is worth consulting this with your grandmother or grandfather. Perhaps they will want to use the smartphone for many tasks in the future, even more advanced ones, but it is very possible that they prefer to stay with the basic options.

Customize the settings

How to prepare a smartphone for a senior

Adjusting the screen backlight, the volume of ringtones and alarms, selecting the appropriate settings for notifications and device security – it is worth taking care of all these issues at the beginning. 

So that the elderly person does not get upset about the annoying details related to the operation of the smartphone or messes up too much, trying to change parameters themselves, the meaning of which they are not sure. It is also worth doing this together with your grandmother or grandfather to choose the options that suit them best.

Change the launcher or activate simple mode

prepare a smartphone for a senior

If the senior doesn’t feel at all lost looking at the numerous icons and options on the smartphone screen, that’s great. However, many older people may have some discomfort after switching from a classic phone to a modern device, e.g. with Android. 

Then it may be helpful to change the launcher , which will make the smartphone easier to use. Here are some suggestions:

  • Simple Mode – makes the main screen display large tiles with pictograms clearly showing what options are behind them.
  • Grand Launcher – another proposal with large tiles, the style of which, however, is maintained in the atmosphere known from classic phones. In addition, you can clearly see the battery level and the range indicator.
  • Indistracable Launcher – The Minimalist Launcher – it’s hard to find a simpler launcher for Android smartphones. No icons, widgets, colorful pictures. Instead, an alphabetical list of phone applications and functions from which we choose what we want to run.

If, on the other hand, we do not want to download external software that changes the smartphone interface, we can run the so-called simple mode . It has different names, e.g. in Samsung smartphones it is the ease mode, and in Xiaomi devices – the lite mode. 

We can search for these modes in the smartphone settings. They make the icons bigger, as well as the text, and there is less stuff on the screen to handle .

Install additional applications, but only the really useful ones

How to prepare a smartphone for a senior

In the previous steps, we have simplified the operation of the device as much as possible. However, since it is a smartphone that cost much more than a classic mobile phone, it is worth using it for something more than just calling or writing text messages. 

Therefore, you can consider installing the application, e.g. to create shopping lists, reminders to drink water and take medications. However, it is important not to overdo it and download programs that grandma or grandpa will definitely use and be able to handle.

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Preparing a smartphone for a senior – summary

By spending some time, you can customize the smartphone so that the older person can use it comfortably. It is worth doing so in order not to discourage grandma or grandpa from using new technologies . 

After a few days or weeks, the senior will probably get used to operating the phone with a large, touchscreen, and any initial difficulties will be rewarded by the possibility of taking much better photos than with a classic mobile phone.

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