What to do if you spill coffee, juice or water on your laptop

spill liquid on your laptop

When you hear that a friend of yours has been spilling coffee, juice, water, or other liquid on it while working on a laptop, you immediately think, “It can’t happen to me.” And yet, such accidents can happen to anyone, even you. That’s why we thought we’d tell you how to proceed in such a situation to save your laptop.

What do you do if you spill liquid on your laptop?

The type of liquid you pour into your laptop matters a lot. Water is relatively “harmless” as long as it is removed in time, but it is corrosive. But if you pour coffee, alcoholic beverages or juices containing sugar, the situation becomes more complicated.

spill coffee, juice or water on your laptop

Although the information we provide below are ways for you to handle such a situation yourself, it does not guarantee that your laptop will be saved. That’s why finding the right help is the best solution. So here’s what you have to do.

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Turn off your laptop and unplug it

To do this, press and hold the On / Off button for a few seconds. If the situation allows, you can turn off the laptop in conventional mode. Even if a motherboard short circuit may have already occurred, a specialist may save your laptop.

Turn the laptop upside down

To further limit the harmful consequences of this incident, you should turn the laptop upside down to prevent the liquid from entering the motherboard and leaking out of it.

Wipe the affected area

Make sure you remove all the liquid, especially from the keyboard, which should not stay in contact with the liquid for too long. Ideal for this operation is a fine dry napkin or an absorbent cloth.

Remove the battery from the laptop

If you have a laptop model with a removable battery, remove it immediately. Before that, make sure you wipe the liquid off the device. This is not possible on some laptops, including Macbooks, until you open the cover on the bottom of the laptop.

Disconnect any external devices from the laptop

Before turning off the laptop, disconnect any external devices that are connected to the laptop. These are USB devices (memory sticks, wireless adapters, chargers, etc.), memory cards, mouse, or laptop charger.

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Allow the laptop to dry

After you have finished wiping all the liquid from the laptop, let it dry very well. To do this, spread a towel on a flat surface in a warm, dry, uncirculated area of ​​the house and place the open laptop face down, similar to an open book. We recommend leaving it for 24 to 48 hours to make sure it is completely dry. Under no circumstances use a hair dryer and also do not try to turn it on before it dries very well.

If the laptop does not start after the two days you left it dry or you notice distortions in terms of sound or screen you will have to take it to a professional service.

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