Apple introduced watchOS 9 at WWDC 2022 – see what’s new in the system

Apple introduced watchOS 9

Apple Watch’s are devices that are quite popular among users of Apple equipment. WatchOS 9 is another version of the system for the smallest devices of the Cupertino giant. What is new with the update?

watchOS 9 and new watch faces!

Apple Watch series 7 premiered last year. The new device has been equipped with a larger display. Unfortunately, the change did not make much difference to its predecessors, because the system was not properly configured to its size. Now that will change. 

With the launch of watchOS 9, smartwatch users will get a refreshed look for watch faces. This one will finally fit the larger screen of the 7 series. Apple will also release new watch faces. So far it is known about 4, and you can see them below.

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The new update also introduces refreshed notifications. Notifications will pin active apps to the top of the watch only for the user to access them faster. Of such changes, it is worth mentioning the changes to the Dock and the update of the Siri interface.

Apple cares about health

watchOS 9 - Apple cares about health

Let’s start with what’s new in the watch update. Unfortunately, Apple Watchy users won’t get the blood pressure monitoring feature. We will probably get such a function with the premiere of the new watch. Now let’s focus on what has been improved. 

Apple Watch will now track or find people with heart defects! The watch can track the history of atrial fibrillation, which is the arrhythmia. This feature was introduced to the EKG application. 

From now on, it will also allow you to track people whose heart is not working properly. I wonder if family members will get a notification if any of them develop a cardiac problem. Users with atrial fibrillation-related cardiac problems will be able to track the complete history of changes with the option to print the results as PDF.

watchOS 9 - improved the sleep tracking feature

Apple has also improved the sleep tracking feature. The watch will now be able to detect what phase of sleep we are in. Users will be able to see what their heart rate was during each sleep phase.

Athletes will be pleased with the changes to watchOS 9

watchOS 9 - Athletes will be pleased

The Workout app is expected to provide richer data when measuring performance in the new update. The intensity of your training will be monitored by heart rate zones. The user will be able to set the heart rate zone he wants to keep during the training. If it exceeds this limit, the watch will send an appropriate warning. 

The new update will also introduce custom workouts. Here the user will have a full settings field. From being able to add rest and work breaks to adding new alerts. 

The app will also be able to detect the type of training you are doing – this feature is called Multisport. The app also has new running indicators and swimming improvements. Other improvements and new features include real-time onscreen guidance for Apple Fitness + workouts, as well as coach tips and a new Drugs app to track the medications you are using.

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What watches will get the update?

Source: WWDC 2022

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