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iPadOS 16 – Apple knows what’s good for tablet users!

The WWDC 2022 conference started yesterday with a high C. Apple has delivered with the changes introduced in the iPads. Will the computer still be needed? With iPadOS 16, I dare to say that not everyone!

iPadOS 16 is a game changer?

I don’t think you need more words. Apple wants to take its devices to the next level of user experience. Yes, android owners will still turn their noses, but there is no need to cheat iPad is the best possible tablet on the market for many years . The sales results only confirm my words. What will change?

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iPad OS 16, or Mac no longer needed

iPadOS 16 - Mac no longer needed

Apple announced that it is introducing a feature called Stage Manager into the iPad OS. It’s a real evolution and revolution rolled into one. iPads with an M1 processor will experience true multitasking. When working with various applications in the windows, the user will have access to the dock, which looks like a system from Apple computers. 

Open windows will appear in a vertical row on the left side of the screen. Overlapping window applications will also appear on the latest system of the Cupertino giant. Thanks to this, the iPad with keyboard and mouse peripherals will be able to replace the laptop.

Connect the monitor to the iPad

iPadOS 16 - Connect the monitor to the iPad

Did I mention that the iPad will be able to replace the computer? This is another reason. Previously, users of Apple tablets could also connect the tablet to a monitor, but the image on the external screen was displayed in a 4: 3 aspect ratio. This is about to change now. iPad will fully support external screens. 

Users will be able to use 8 applications at once, these are to be split between two screens. As for the maximum resolution supported by the iPad, it will be 6k. As with the function discussed above, only devices with an M1 processor will receive this function. Still with the display options, I would like to mention that with the iPadOS 16 there will be an option to scale the display, this one will mainly reduce texts and other scalable UI elements in applications open in a split screen.

Something for the players

iPadOS 16 - Apple Something for the players

To enable iPad game developers to deliver a better, more visually spectacular experience, the giant from Cupertino decided that with the upgrade to iPadOS 16, the device will be able to allocate more RAM to individual applications – up to 16 GB. This functionality also applies to tablets with the M1 processor. This feature will be enjoyed not only by gamers, but also by people who work with the iPad, e.g. graphic designers or video editors.

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Which devices will get the update?

It is also just the tip of the mountain of changes waiting for iPad users. Apps such as the weather will also change and will eventually be available in full size. The files application will also get improvements, it will resemble its version from personal computers. The game center will also change.

Source: WWDC 2022

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