Review: Dragon Ball Super – Super Hero Not that great at all

Review Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

A real treat for fans of the “Dragon Ball” series. The latest cinema film is already available. Bearing in mind that we do not receive anime films very often, this is an event. But is it really worth your attention?

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero – a description of the plot of the film

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

The action of “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” takes place a few years after the events of the Super series and the movie “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” so far. The Red Ribbon Army returns there, having managed to expand over the years and gain more and more influence. The Army Leader recruits a young and genius scientist Hedo, the grandson of Dr. Gero, remembered from the Dragon Ball Z series. His task is to create new androids capable of defeating the Z warriors who have been introduced to him as a band of aliens threatening the Earth. However, Piccolo finds the actions of the Red Ribbon Army and will try to stop them.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero – fan service with a blow force of 9000

Without beating the bush, straight off the bridge, I sadly report that the movie “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” is not successful. It’s a cheap fan service at best, especially aimed at Piccolo and Gohan’s fandom. Cheap, because it is written on the knee. The fact that the author of the “Dragon Ball” series, Akira Toriyama , is responsible for the script, unfortunately does not mean anything in this case. 

“Super Hero” appears like a parody of “Dragon Ball”. So what if the popular Piccolo is in the center of attention, since he does not resemble himself from the Z series at all. Toriyama does not even try to make any interesting plot anymore, he only rides on evergreens, restoring the plot of the Red Ribbon Army in a situation, when the power level of the heroes at this stage is so far beyond earthly realities that it becomes absurd. Play: Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero – trailer

I know that this is “Dragon Ball” and I do not expect a script like “Ghost in the Shell” from this film, but “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” is a thing for Sunday fans of Dragon Ball and simply a cinema film directed mainly to children. Just like the whole series “Dragon Ball Super”, which for some reason forgot that it has a huge crowd of adult fans and suddenly changed the target from late teens to 8-year-olds. 

The film will feature the series’ most popular characters, including Goku and Vegeta, but also on the basis of an empty and ill-considered fan service. Their thread is basically useless. The creators put it here only to show how Goku fights with Vegeta. Nothing comes of this. Well, maybe apart from the fact that this is the reason why both gentlemen were not able to hear Bulma calling them to Earth to help fight new opponents. The plot solutions here are probably taken straight from “PAW Patrol”. 

This is below the Dragon Ball level, I know for sure. Speaking of Bulma, like Piccolo, she does not resemble herself from the series, what’s more, the creators made her a not very volatile and empty state, which introduces a rather ambiguous comedy element to the film. Also, do not be too attached to the memories of your favorite characters from this series, because the creators of the film “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero ”they step on them anyway. The entire plot seems to be written rather as a makeshift for a video game licensed by Dragon Ball, and not a full-fledged cinema film.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero – animation with problems

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero - animation with problems

I appreciate the creators’ willingness not to rest on their laurels and try new things, experiments and the like. But sometimes it is worth considering whether new really is better. The animation in “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” is terrible. It’s a strange combination of 2D and 3D graphics that neither looks good, nor allows you to fully exploit the potential of the main and most important element of “Dragon Ball” – fights. These are pale, anemic and simply boring. 

The duels during the Tenkaichi Budokai tournament from the first series of “Dragon Ball” from the 1980s are beating headlong with the dynamics and choreography of what we will see in “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero”. The characters move like rusty robots. They look stiff, they deliver boring single blows, while at the beginning of the “Z” series we could see amazing hailstorms and shockwave shots. 

All this was devoted to an incomprehensible admiration for 3D graphics. And the line itself is not particularly impressive. I recently made a ranking of all the cinema films “Dragon Ball ” (of course not counting the hideous Hollywood version) and most of them, and many of them, and many of them created in the first half of the 90s, looks better than the 2022 film. Something is wrong for me. However, the producers are to blame for it, who currently take care of the “Dragon Ball” brand, because they decided to direct this series to children. So if you have max. 12 years, and the universe of Dragon Ball is not particularly familiar to you, you may even like “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero”.

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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero – movie rating

Well, it’s not good. Of course, the films from the “Dragon Ball” series have never presented an outstanding level, but the latest installment is more of a one-time triviality for viewers who are looking for an animation that combines adventure and action elements. 

The younger you are and the less you know Dragon Ball, the more fun you will have in this movie. As long as you accept the strange artistic vision contained in the terrible quality of animation. And a grammatically inconspicuous title that repeats “great” twice. 

This film can be treated almost as an unofficial fanfic … if not for the fact that the author of the series signed it. After the screening, I have a sense of wasted time. Not only mine, but also the creators and the money that could be spent on something much better and more interesting. Japan, however, is a state of mind …

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