Google Maps will help refugees from Ukraine – this feature can change their situation

Google Maps will help refugees from Ukraine

Google Maps gained a function that will help refugees from Ukraine. People fleeing from war-torn areas and looking for shelter will have a tool that will make it easier for them. For everything to work as it should, however, the commitment of entrepreneurs is needed.

How will Google Maps help refugees?

The war across our eastern border has caused a huge refugee crisis. Ukrainian citizens flee to neighboring countries, thus saving their lives. In many cases, it can be difficult for them to find their feet in the new reality and find a place to stay . Google Maps, which has recently received a new feature, may be helpful.

Google Maps will help refugees from Ukraine

Hotel owners in countries neighboring Ukraine can update their data provided by the Internet giant and indicate in them that they offer accommodation for refugees – free or at a discount. The owners of other businesses can also help. Local companies can place information about the services and assistance they offer to Ukrainian people fleeing the war on their Company Profiles in Google Search and Google Maps, explains Google. When entrepreneurs enter the right data, it will be easier for refugees to find the right place.

This is not the end of Google’s reaction to the war. The company, at the request of the Ukrainian authorities, has started implementing a rapid air strike warning system to run on Android devices. The development of this tool is based on alerts provided by the Ukrainian government. In addition, Russia Today and Sputnik-related applications , as well as other media programs financed by Russian authorities, have disappeared from the Google Play store in Europe . Links from Russia Today and Sputnik were also removed from Google search results – this decision is related to a regulation of the Council of the European Union.

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Google has also decided to give up most of the commercial activities in Russia for the time being. It is about suspending advertising on sites and networks around the world for all advertisers based in Russia, blocking the possibility of registering new cloud services, disabling the payment function in most services and the monetization function for YouTube users in Russia. Free Google services themselves, such as YouTube, Gmail, and search engine, still work in Russia . It is difficult to say whether it may change, because the company comments on the matter quite evasively. We will continue to closely follow the developments , reads its press release.

source: Google Poland

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