How to install the Huawei AppGallery store on each Android smartphone?

install the Huawei AppGallery store

New Huawei devices still do not have access to Google services. Over the past three years, the manufacturer has invested heavily in its own application ecosystem, Huawei Mobile Services including AppGallery. It’s high time to take a look at its functionality – we check how to install the AppGallery store on any Android phone and what we can find in it.

Huawei AppGallery on any Android device – how to install?

Huawei AppGallery store

While users of newer Huawei phones still can’t install apps from the Google Play Store , the reverse is possible. Smartphone owners with access to the services of the American giant will easily use the content of the AppGallery .

This is possible thanks to the Huawei service called HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) , which is a form of a framework that works without the need for a specific system layer.

So we can easily check what the competition offers, and the installation process is really fast and takes literally a moment.

Security of the Huawei AppGallery Store

Safety issues were taken very seriously. Servers supporting AppGallery customers in the European Union are located in Germany. The application meets the standards of privacy protection and user safety, and the verification is carried out, among others, by ISO 270001 and CSA STAR certifications .

The applications added to the store are checked for content security and divided into categories based on the age of the user.

Step by step installation. Where can I download the Huawei AppGallery?

Remember to download the application from the manufacturer’s official website. Huawei AppGallery can be downloaded at:

Download the AppGallery

After opening the page, click on Install :

A tooltip with a button to start the installation will appear. The system will ask us if we really want to download the file, stating that it is potentially harmful. This is a standard procedure and message for files with the apk extension – click Download Anyway :

After downloading, select the Open option and the system package installer . This second prompt may not show if we only have one application supporting apk packages installation. In the event that we perform some other action and the File has been downloaded window will disappear from our eyes, the information can also be found on the drop-down notification bar at the top of the screen.

In the next step, turn on the AppGallery application (if it does not start by itself) and install the HMS Core service . Alternatively, we can download Huawei Mobile Services on the Google Play Store here .

Now you just need to confirm that we allow the installation of the application from external sources, as in the screenshots below (select the settings and allow from this source ):

We just installed a full-featured ecosystem of Huawei apps and services. We still need to log in or create an account in the Me tab :

What can we find in the store?

Huawei AppGallery , after several years of dynamic development, is a completely different store than when the restrictions were imposed by the Americans. The repository is still not quite as rich as it is on the Google Play Store, but you can see significant progress here . 

It is worth noting that this applies not only to large players such as TikTok , Snapchat or Tinder , but also hundreds of smaller applications important for a given region. We can easily use the services of Empik , Allegro , Pyszne or Inpost .

The manufacturer is also very clever with those applications that are not in the store. Instead of displaying a feedback message stating that the software was not found, the Petal search engine integrated with AppGallery displays links to installation files from the manufacturer’s website or from safe sources ( APK Pure ). Apps added in this way can even be updated from the Huawei store, which is a great convenience.

Of course, installing only native AppGallery applications will be a more advantageous solution for owners of phones with Google services . At this point, it is necessary to recall Huawei’s proprietary software, which is getting better every year. 

I mean, among others the aforementioned Petal Search , which monitors the health of Huawei Health and is based on TomTom Petal Maps . I am far from saying that these solutions are better than Google’s suggestions, but they offer unique functions and are most useful.

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Due to the security of native support, electronic banking also requires.

For each of these applications, we can make payments with Blik , and we can easily assign a Mastercard or Visa card to the Huawei ID account. AppGallery also supports Revolut and Curve.

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