How to promote a Telegram channel: an overview of the most effective ways

How to promote a Telegram channel

Telegram is in the TOP-3 of the world’s messengers. In India, an average of 10 Million people open Telegram at least once a day. What for? Of course, not only to answer messages: read news, blogs, publish information about your business.

We figure out how to promote a Telegram channel, what are the advantages of a channel in this messenger and what you can get a ban for.

Benefits of running a Telegram channel

A channel is a one-way communication with an audience (if comments are disabled). You publish posts (news, photos, links to other sources), and your audience cannot respond on the page itself, only in private messages to the administrator. Reminds me of television or radio.

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Subscribers to your channel will immediately know when a new message appears through notifications. If notifications are not disabled, then users will learn about the new publication through a pop-up window on their device. And if the notification sound is turned off, then your audience will see a notification in the application itself about the number of unread publications and return to them in their free time.


Telegram is available not only on smartphones, but also on computers in the application format or in the desktop version of the site. This makes it convenient to create materials of various formats, for example, long texts can be typed on a computer, and media files (photos, videos, voice messages, etc.) can be uploaded from a smartphone.


In the Telegram channel, it is convenient to communicate with the audience through reactions and comments. Both functions work independently: you can connect one or both options at once. Reactions in the form of emoji familiar to everyone help to “read” the mood of the audience. Unlike comments, reactions are anonymous.

How to promote a Telegram channel


Telegram works faster than regular sites or service mailings, and the application interface does not separate regular chats from channels, which allows you to fit into your daily feed and not stand out.

Convenience and simplicity

The application has a clear interface, so even the most unadvanced user will be able to figure it out and subscribe to a channel that will be interesting and useful to him.

Unlimited Subscribers

The channel can be used as an alternative to the e-mail newsletter. The advantage is that the application has no limit on the number of people in the mailing list. And creating a post here is easier than writing a full-fledged letter.

Creation of bots

They help to interact with subscribers, create interactions, and also help subscribers to search for information on the channel by sections, by keywords, etc. Bots can be linked to the site and configured so that they can be used to make an order at a restaurant or call a taxi.

The ability to turn the channel into a separate business. Broadcast interesting content and promote the channel in order to monetize it in the future. For example, to gain a large number of relevant subscribers on the channel and use it as a platform for placing advertising messages.

Channel promotion methods

There are many ways to increase the number of audience on the channel. Some of them are paid, others are not. If there are less than 1000 subscribers, then you should start with free promotion. Here are some ways.

Exclusive content

Define your own uniqueness. Come up with a catchy channel name, prepare a description and an image that reflects the theme of the channel, attracts attention and is easy to remember.
Prepare a posting plan and a stockpile of engaging content. This will allow you to publish interesting materials on time and consistently, and “accustom” users to a certain time / day of the publication of publications.
Come up with your own style that will make your materials recognizable, even if the author is not visible.
Show your expertise in your field. If your knowledge is not enough, then you can attract experts to help, for example, a familiar sommelier if your channel is about the wine industry.

Word of mouth

Tell your friends, acquaintances, colleagues about your channel. Ask them to share a link to the channel on their social networks and make a brief description of the channel: what it is about and why subscribe to it. This will gather the initial audience and the channel will gradually grow.

Registration in Telegram channel directories

Directories are groups or sites where they place links to channels or bots with a brief description. Here is a list of the most popular ones:

Other social networks

Make an announcement of the Telegram channel in all social networks. Let not only friends and acquaintances, but also your subscribers support the new project. Also post a link to the channel and its brief description, you can focus on the uniqueness of the content that will be published on the channel to show the difference from publications in other social networks.

Mutual PR

At the stage of launching channels, some bloggers unite and help each other in recruiting subscribers: they publish each other’s posts, talk about projects on their channels. This works in channels with similar topics and target audience.

It is worth studying such channels, looking at the topics of posts, analyzing statistics (if necessary, you can request it from the administrator). Recommendations work quite effectively and subscribers willingly come to the new channel for unique information.

Thematic collections

If you enter in the search engine, for example, TOP-10 channels about marketing, then in the issue we will see resources with a selection of channels on a given topic.

Channels in such collections can be ranked by popularity, or depending on the preferences of their compiler. Popular information resources such as , TJ , etc. make up collections of Telegram channels on various topics.

Bot promotion

The advantage of this method is that bots are not such a common way to promote on the platform, and in relation to this method of message delivery, the audience does not have “blindness”. According to the latest data, there are about 800,000 bots in Telegram, but most of them are paid. Therefore, you can think about developing your own.


Polls, contests, voting – these mechanisms will help captivate users, motivate them to interact with content and generate feedback. Such activities will increase the number of reposts, increase coverage and attract new subscribers to both a new channel with a small audience and a popular blog.

Promotion through Telegram chats

The method is similar to recommendations, but here you publish information about the channel in the chat of some community. Such chats mainly exist to share useful links, locations, and specialists. Entrance to them can be free, by invitation of the administrator or participants. For example, many residential complexes have “house chats” where you can post a post with a link to your channel. Among professional communities, young mothers, students – chats are popular among large and small groups, you just need to choose the ones you need by topic and enter with a great offer.

Copyright stickers

Create your original sticker pack. In some stickers, you can enter the name of a brand, channel, or phrase by which the audience recognizes you. When downloading stickers, their creator is also indicated, so if the stickers are widely used, subscribers will periodically open their author and go to the channel.

How to promote a Telegram channel -Copyright stickers

You can create an infinite number of sets to reach different audiences.

The @stickers bot is used to create stickers. He will explain step by step what you will need to do to get a unique sticker pack. Prepare a set of 512×512 pixel images with a white or transparent background that represent different emotions and upload them to the bot.

Paid methods

Buying ads in Telegram

To purchase advertising, exchanges are used, which act as an intermediary between the placement site and the advertiser. Through special filters, the exchange will select the necessary sites and offer them to the advertiser to choose from.

Popular sites:

After the exchange offers platforms, you should choose them based on:

percent increase in readers ; This metric shows how many readers have joined a channel in a given amount of time. If the growth of users is gradual, then the channel is moving naturally, there are no cheats and it has a “live” audience.
the number of advertisements placed ; All sponsored posts are automatically deleted after 48 hours. If a channel publishes a lot of low quality ads, then the level of subscriber engagement on that channel will be low.
subscriber interest . On some channels you can comment on the news. See how actively the audience leaves comments and whether they leave comments at all.

Buying social media ads

Advertising with influencers, bloggers on Instagram, Facebook and other social networks will help attract a “live” audience that is definitely interested in the subject of your channel.

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Publication on a third-party resource

Create a unique material that will be useful and interesting to your audience, and post it on a third-party resource (website, social network, blog, etc.) with a link to your Telegram channel. If the user receives really useful information from your material or is interested in it, then if they want to learn more or regularly receive expert materials, they will follow the link to your channel and become its new subscriber.

Automated promotion services

By itself, cheating subscribers is ineffective. But the target audience does not subscribe very actively to an empty channel without subscribers. Therefore, at the initial stage, you can use this method to create the appearance of popularity.

For what you can get a ban

Telegram positions itself as a messenger for which user safety is paramount. Security also includes protecting users from spam, intrusive ads, and malicious links. If an account is seen sending such messages, blocking such a channel is inevitable – a few user complaints are enough and you will lose the channel along with all subscribers. Of course, this is the worst case scenario, the lock is not always established forever. Its duration depends on the “severity of the crimes” that you have committed against users.

Here is a list of what to avoid when promoting a channel:

  • send advertising (spam);
  • send links to third-party sites;
  • promote courses, info courses, goods and other products;
  • simultaneously invite a large number of users to the channel.

The main rule is to comply with the limits defined by the messenger. It is their violation that can lead to user complaints about the actions of the channel.

Block duration

Yes, the channel can be permanently banned. But most often the term of the ban depends on how often and what violations you committed. If the channel was blocked for a couple of messages, then it will last a week, two, or maybe even a couple of days. But if the violations are larger – mass spamming, for example – then be prepared to part with the channel for several months or forever.

How to remove the ban

If you did not perform any actions for which you can get banned, but the channel was blocked anyway, then:

  • In the search for chats, enter @spambot;
  • Start the bot via /start;
  • If there are no restrictions on the channel, then the bot will inform you about it;
  • If the restrictions are in effect, the bot will indicate why they were introduced and for how long.

It is almost impossible to remove the lock after it has been applied. Especially if there were violations. It is worth being patient and waiting for it to end. You can try to contact [email protected] support and state the situation, also attaching evidence to the letter. The appeal and its consideration will take a couple of days, but in this case, there is a chance that the block will be lifted if it turns out that it was a mistake in the messenger algorithms, and not your malicious intent.


Telegram channel promotion will not be fast, it will take some time. But with the growth of subscribers, your opportunity to receive income from the channel will also grow: sales of your business will increase if the Telegram channel was created to promote it, or the blog will become a separate project that can be monetized.

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