Marvel and DC’s joint movie is just a matter of time

Marvel and DC's joint movie

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the premiere of the movie “Avengers”, the first great crossover in the history of cinema. So the natural question is, “What’s next?” In my opinion, it is enough to look back at what was once happening in the comics.

The multiverse is a temporary fashion. What after him?

Marvel and DC's joint movie

The latest fashion craze in recent months is the multiverse theme in the entertainment cinema. The first and immediately breaking records of popularity example of such a movie universe is ” Spider-Man : No Way Home“, where, as everyone knows, all three incarnations of Spider-Man met on one screen . 

From Tobey Maguire to Andrew Garfield to Tom Holland. The idea of ​​the multiverse will develop even further in the upcoming production of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Insanity .

Also DC, which was the first to introduce the multiverse theme in comics, will soon release the movie “Flash”, in which different versions of superheroes from different films over the past decades will meet. 

We already know that Michael Keaton’s version of Batman will appear there. I bet you a sack of your favorite drink, that Keaton will not end up with surprises in this film.

Marvel and DC's joint movie

Coming back to “Spider-Man: No way home”. Spoiler alert, I would also like to point out that Matt Murdock aka. Daredevil, in the version known from the Netflix and Marvel series. Thus, the creators connected not only the movie worlds, but also the serial worlds. So the sandbox is getting wider.

However, as I wrote some time ago, the multiverse should be treated rather as an interlude, a temporary fashion, and a kind of bridge between ideas from the past and those that are still to come. Guest appearances of characters from other films are something that will quickly become common and thus get bored. 

Anyway, Hollywood has not produced so many superhero films within one studio to be able to juggle these characters so easily. The multiverse seems to extend the crossover idea started by the “Avengers” in 2012, but it is not the goal. At least in my opinion.

Marvel and DC crossover coming?

The natural evolution of the movie crossover and the multiverse theme is, in my opinion, the crossover between competing studios. So the characters and plots from Marvel and DC movies meet each other in one movie. Something like this has already happened in comics, decades ago. The legendary notebook with the duel between Spider-Man and Superman was released in 1976.

Marvel and DC's joint movie

I cannot imagine another entertainment cinema event that could capture the imagination of the audience more and build a record hype. The more that fans of superheroes have been debating among themselves for many years who is better: Spider-Man or Batman?

Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel? Joker or Green Goblin? Thanos or Darksied? Avengers or Justice League? We have been living in the era of postmodernism for a long time, so these types of potions must happen sooner or later. 

Anyway, on the web you can find fan graphics or even videos showing how such a crossover could look like.

The more that, also on a symbolic level , it would be quite an event. Marvel and DC have always been competitors on the market, first in comics and then in movies. Their fandoms also lead informal “wars” with each other. 

A joint film by both of these studios would be a huge event, perhaps even one of the major breakthroughs in the history of Hollywood and the sympathy of pop culture in general. Because, of course, the film studios themselves sometimes work together to create projects together, it has not been a situation before that a well-known brand from, say, Warner Bros., suddenly appeared in a movie about the well-known brand of Universal studio. 

So, for example, Mad Max meets the Fast and the Furious. Or a joint movie connecting the worlds of “Jurassic World” with “Transformers”. As abstract as it sounds. This may be a salvation for Hollywood spectacles, which in the pandemic and post-pandemic era may thus find a second or third youth for themselves.

Transformers vs Ponies Pony? Why not!

Marvel and DC's joint movie

And as I wrote above, all this has already been, or is now, reworked on comic book or cartoon pages, which can be treated as a kind of signpost of what can take place in Hollywood. 

Comic book readers have known for years about the existence of such crossovers between publishers and various brands such as Batman vs Spawn , Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs Ghostbusters or Justice League vs Power Rangers . 

There are also such strange and absurd potions as Batman and Scooby-Doo or Transformers and … My Little Pony .

Marvel and DC's joint movie

Although even these more rational crossovers may seem abstract at the moment, it is not worth assuming in advance that this will never happen. A few years ago, for most fans, a movie in which three generations of Spider-Man meet was only an unfulfilled dream. 

The brands and studios competing with each other on the market have also been cooperating for years, the actors play once in a Marvel film, once at DC (for example JK Simmons , once as J. Jonah Jameson in “Spider-Man”, and then as Commissioner Gordon in ” Batman v Superman “). 

The directors also exchange studies (James Gunn is famous for Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy”, and currently works on “Suicide Squad” and the series “Peacemaker” from DC for HBO Max). So there is already a ground for this type of activity.

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There will come a point when ideas run out, the audience starts to get bored and expect something fresh, and you will see that sooner or later such a crossover between Marvel and DC, or between Warner and Universal Studios, will take place. Remember my words.

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