This is called a mistake! Millions worth of NFT sold for less than a penny

NFT sold for less than a penny

And right in the comments, whether it is here or on Facebook, there will be someone who says that he has overpaid anyway. And although I consider NFT something worthless, it is worth emphasizing here that the product has a value that someone can buy it for. Which means that someone here has done the deal of a lifetime, and someone else has lost a fortune, even if it crashes into a silly picture. Well, someone accidentally sold an NFT stone.

NFT stone sold for a song

However, let’s put common sense aside and take a look at the inside out, without negating anything at every step: well, EtherRock is a 100 NFT collection, each of which is slightly different from the other, more precisely in shade. 

So this is a very lazy NFT collection, looking like something you can do in a panty. However, artistic value has never been of much importance here. The bottom line is that NFT rocks are expensive – ridiculously expensive. 

NFT rocks  EtherRock
By contrast, Dino Dealer says it has put its precious EtherRock NFT up for sale. However, instead of price it at 444 ETH, which is just over $ 1 million, he accidentally traded it for 444 Wei .

 One Wei is the equivalent of one quintillion of ETH and is therefore completely worthless, even compared to kopecks. 

The new owner of the NFT stone apparently decided that 444 ETH was an exaggerated price for such NFTs, and instead put it up for 234 ETH, or roughly $ 600,000. 

Dino Dealer pleaded with the image buyer in the comments section to get his NFT back, but received no response, at least from him. Well, various scammers wanted to take advantage of his situation by persuading him to contact him in order to recover the money.  

Well, apparently the NFT exchanges need some mechanism that will ask several times if the person really wants to list their NFT for the amount they provide.

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I would like to add that as someone who checks a bank account number several times, making even the smallest transfer, I am shocked at the sight of the carelessness with which someone issues something of such value. Well, at least Dno Dealer did not fall victim to NFT scammers , just his own recklessness.

Source: TechSpot

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