The most popular movies in Netflix history – have you watched them all?

The most popular movies in Netflix history

Original movies are extremely popular on Netflix. Below you will see a list of the 10 most watched in the history of the website.

Most Viewed Netflix Original Movies – Top 10

The list below is, like in the case of series , mobile and still “alive”. Every few months, a new Netflix movie appears, which easily climbs to the top of the most-watched. Nevertheless, nothing stands in the way of showing what this state of affairs looks like at the moment. Anyway, quite a few Netflix Original Top 10 movies have been on this list for several years. Again, on the occasion of the all-time comparison of Netflix, the measure is the number of hours spent watching a given production in total. And these data come from the first 28 days after the premiere of the film. We begin.

10. Spenser Confidential

As is often the case when looking at mass tastes and decisions, it’s not hard to find cases of bad movies that have watched well. The “Spenser Investigation” certainly belongs to this genre. A sensational comedy in which there was not too much comedy or sensation. The whole thing is based on a banal and boring scenario and the wooden, as always, role of Mark Wahlberg . But because he is nice, people love him, although for me personally his popularity is a phenomenon that is not much less inscrutable to me than the phenomenon of black holes. The film was watched for a total of 197 million hours . I’m just curious if all these hours are watching a movie from start to finish. I dare to doubt.

9. 6 Underground

This is definitely one of the craziest movies by Michael Bay . But not the best. Nevertheless, it promised to be exciting. The trailer itself showed a lot of Bayhem, i.e. the destruction of everything, car chases and Ryan Reynolds with his typical sense of humor mixed with the charisma of an action hero. “6 Underground” is of course the quintessence of Michael Bay’s style, so if you are not his fans, there is no strength that you would like this movie. But you can see a lot of people still love it, as 6 Underground was watched for a total of 205 million hours .

8. The Kissing Booth 2

The potential of a romantic comedy, especially aimed at teenagers on a streaming service, should never be underestimated. Although it is the only representative of this genre in Netflix’s TOP 10, it proudly represents com roms. It was watched for as much as 209 million hours in total.

7. The Irishman

The only representative of a more ambitious repertoire in Netflix’s Top 10. Although this is a moderate consolation, because “The Irishman” is the worst film in Martin Scorsese’s career , who is closer to the self-parody of his own style than to big cinema. This movie has been watched for 215 million hours , although we must also take into account the fact that it is drastically longer than the rest. The “Irishman” lasts as long as 3.5 hours. Also, inevitably, fewer people watched it than other productions with a similar number of hours watched. So this is just one of the proofs that Netflix’s focus on watch hours and based on it creating lists of the most popular productions is lame when it comes to the logic of the methodology. Well … it’s important that the numbers are impressive.

6. Unforgivable

Who would have thought that after his “5 minutes” of fame in the 90s, Sandra Bullock would start to make such a sensation in streaming in the 21st century. And yet, sometimes even Hollywood can be unpredictable. It is a pity that the productions in which Bullock plays are not of the highest order. Nevertheless, huge numbers of people do not mind this. The movie “Unforgivable” was watched for 215 million hours .

5. Tyler Rake: Extraction

It’s actually one of the few good movies on this list. No, I’m undoing – the only good movie on this list. It may not be an overly ambitious and well-written show, but in the category of impressive scale and suspenseful action cinema, “Tyler Rake: Extraction” is doing great. On the one hand, it is a nod to the activists from the 90s, and on the other hand, it is fully modern in the form of a blockbuster, which should also be shown in cinemas. It’s been watched for 231 million hours , and a sequel is on its way.

4. Adam project

While Sandra Bullock can be called the Queen of Netflix, Ryan Reynolds is its absolute king. This is his second film on this list and it will not be the last. Nevertheless, it is certainly one of the biggest hits in the actor’s career and the most recent film to make it into Netflix’s all-time Top 10. It had its premiere recently, namely on March 11, 2022. It was watched for a total of 233 million hours .

3. Don’t open your eyes

Another film with Sandra Bullock that climbed to the top of the Top 10 of Netflix of all time in 2018. And he held this place for a very long time, almost three years. It was not until the end of 2021 that the blockbuster movies appeared, which far surpassed “Don’t Open Your Eyes” in terms of viewership. In any event, this production was watched for a total of 282 million hours .

2. Don’t look up

This is one of the most famous Netflix movies ever made. Which, in total, no one expected. Sure, it had an impressive cast, but satirical science fiction is not a genre that is having any great triumphs these days. On the other hand, it is certainly one of those films that has hit its time and fits perfectly into the political, informational and cultural atmosphere of the present moment in our history as a civilization. And although this satire is of rather poor quality, and the main theme of the film is actually a banal joke, which is suitable for a 10-minute sketch, not a 138-minute story, the success of “Don’t Look Up” is undeniable. Has been viewed for 360 million hours .

1. Red Notice

As I wrote earlier, Ryan Reynolds is the undisputed king of Netflix . This is his third Top 10 movie in the site’s history. And it takes first place. Of course, this is also due to Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot in the main roles and a promising trailer, which gave hope for an action-packed and addictive mixture of a spectacular blockbuster with comedy. Well, it didn’t work out, but what I watched was Netflks. The “Red Notice” has been viewed for 364 million hours . At the moment, it is the most popular / watched movie in Netflix history. At least by adopting the dubious quality and not entirely precise data used by the website.

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