The most interesting series premieres on streaming services – May 2022 promises to be delicious

The most interesting series premieres may 2022

Yesterday we looked at the most famous May premieres in the world of video games and movies . Following the classic path, now our attention should be focused on streaming services. So – here are the most interesting series that will be released in May.

Series premieres – May 2022 and the most interesting productions

The fifth month of this year is fast approaching us, so it’s time to see what it will offer in the context of series premieres on streaming services . May for all fans of the small screen will primarily benefit from the next installments of their favorite series, but also completely new and fresh titles. Below you will find a list that includes series premieres on the most popular streaming services such as Netflix, HBO Max and Disney +.

Summertime (season 3) – Netflix

On May 4, the third installment of the popular series for teenagers will debut on Netflix . If you are fans of the genre that focuses primarily on love relationships and numerous intrigues, quickly make up the previous two scenes Summertime . The Italian production is also a very loose adaptation of the book by Federico Moccia of the same title. The third season of the series will offer us an almost identical cast as in the case of the two previous installments. This means that on the screen we will see, for example, Coco Rebecca Edogamhe, Ludovico Tersigni or Andree Lattanzi .

Pentaverate (season 1) – Netflix

The mocking series is a completely new production that will hit the Netflix library on May 5 . The plot of the Pentaverate will be based on the investigation of a Canadian journalist who must save the world from destruction at the hands of a secret brotherhood ruled by five men. Pretty confusing right? Nevertheless, this comedy deserves a special mention mainly because of the cast.

In the Pentawerata , we will see Mike Myers , known primarily for his portrayal of Austin Powers and Doctor Evil. In addition to the comedian, the new series also features Ken Jeong , or Mr. Chow from the Hangover trilogy .

The Lincoln Lawyer (season 1) – Netflix

Another novelty from Netflix! The series referring to the 2005 novel by Michael Connelly will be available on May 13 . Story? Here’s a short and concise description of the Lincoln Lawyer from the distributor himself:

When his ex-partner is murdered, Mickey Haller must take over the company, including a high-profile murder trial. It turns out that the most important of the cases he ran from the backseat of his Lincoln had a second bottom.


As you can see, the series mixes the crime fiction genre with fast-paced action , which makes it one of the most anticipated series premieres in May. The main role will be played by Manuel Garcia-Rulfo , who you can associate with some pretty good performances in The Great Seven or Sweet Girl . In addition to the Mexican, we will also see Neve Campbell, Becki Newton and Jazz Raycole on the screen.

Stranger Things (season 4: part 1) – Netflix

Finally , by far the loudest and most anticipated series premiere of May . The first part of the fourth season of Stranger Things will hit Netflix on May 27 . There will be four episodes in total. The creators will not release the next five episodes until July 1. Nevertheless, even such a partial premiere extremely electrifies the fans of the series.

According to the creators of Stranger Things , the fourth season will be the most developed and moving season in the series’ history . Eleven and the other heroes come back to us after nearly three years of break. However, this does not mean that the action will blur in any way. On the contrary! The fourth season will tackle as many as three storylines that will take place in three different locations.

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Other premieres

Of course, the above titles are not all that appear on streaming services in the coming month. Below you will find a list of other debuts that are also worth highlighting:

  • Tehran (season 2) – Apple TV +
  • The Wilderness (season 2) – Amazon Prime Video
  • The Essex Serpent (season 1) – Apple TV +
  • Night Sky (season 1) – Amazon Prime Video
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi (season 1) – Disney +

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