One handset sounds quieter

One handset sounds quieter? A guide on how to prevent and fix

One handset sounds quieter? This is a very common problem that may unfortunately arise due to the fault of the user. The service will not always accept such claims , especially when the service technician sees something like this again in one day. However, this problem can be solved by yourself, and more importantly – it can also be prevented. This guide will show you the best ways to fix this problem, but also how to counter it before it occurs. 

Why is one earpiece quieter?

Why is one earpiece quieter?
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There are many reasons for this behavior. The two most popular are, unfortunately, the fault of improper use of headphones . There is no reason to be ashamed here, manufacturers rarely include such information in the manual, and even less often someone reads it. I have never read any leaflet that came with the headphones myself, why should I? However, while tossing some of these papers through my hands, I saw such information, but mainly in headphones much more expensive than the mainstream.

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One handset sounds quieter? It might just be dirty. 

One handset sounds quieter? It might just be dirty.
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Even if we clean our ears every day, the handset may get dirty. Earphones with rubber bands effectively block the flow of air to the ear, which makes it sweat and the earwax becomes more fluid. It can then flow behind the grill in the earphone sleeve or build up on the mesh. If we have headphones with a cable, this creates an additional problem. Dust sticks to sticky earwax very easily. Probably not many people hide their headphones in a case, which may be slightly larger than a TWS case. This is the fastest way to easily reduce the chance of your headphones getting dirty. 

Prevention is very important

It is enough to follow a few simple rules to make the headphones live much longer. Some may be minimally annoying, but in my opinion, it’s worth taking a few minutes to avoid having to buy the headphones again or waste them during the warranty repair.

Take the headphones out of your ears every half hour

Or even more often. This reduces the chances of ear infection, infection and also increases the life of the headphones. Increasing the airflow in the duct is very important. Moisture can easily damage the headphones, especially if they have an armature driver. They corrode very quickly, so be careful. Dynamic driver headphones are much more resistant to high humidity, but why expose yourself?

Cleaning the ears on a regular basis

Cleaning the ears on a regular basis
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It happens at different rates for everyone, but each ear generates earwax. Getting rid of it on a regular basis is a very important aspect to improve the life of the headphones. She is the most common reason why one earpiece is quieter. It is best to use special sprays for this purpose, warm water under low pressure, or visit an ENT specialist. We should use cotton buds only on the outer part of the ear, because it is easy to push the earwax deeper and clog the entire ear canal. 

Use an earphone case

Use an earphone case
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As mentioned before, dirt in your pocket can easily get into the earbuds. This type of dirt is harder to remove from headphones, so it’s worth avoiding. If we use headphones with a cable, the case also protects the cable. It will be harder for him to get tangled up, but we also won’t pull on him when we want to pull them out. The simplest hard case is enough, although a soft one will be helpful. 

How do I clean my headphones?

It’s easy to start prophylaxis with cleaning tips. It’s those rubber tips on the in-ear headphones. Just take them off and wash them in warm soapy water. It is best to do this once a week as the procedure itself is short. In addition , it reduces the chance of ear irritation that can happen with dirty headphones. After cleaning, it is best to leave the tips on a cotton towel. I do not advise you to leave them on a kitchen paper towel, because they are very dusty. Tips can get dirty again, and finally we clean them for something. 

By the way, you can run over the housing

It is always best to clean the earphone casing with a soft and clean microfiber cloth. It will collect all dust, dead skin and earwax without damaging the visual effect. A paper kitchen towel is very hard and can easily scratch headphones such as the Apple Airpods Pro .

When prevention fails

How do I clean my headphones

We should start cleaning the headphones with cleaning the tips. Just for backup. The second step is to watch the mesh or grill. Depending on what the manufacturer used. The grill is a better option for us at the moment because it has bigger holes in it. Harder to plug, easier to unclog. There is also no risk that it will detach, because it is rarely attached with glue. 

Typically, this is how plastic nets are attached, which is a cheaper and much more popular option. However, if such a mesh falls off, it is relatively easy to replace. On aliexpress you can find replacement meshes or whole sheets from which you can cut the desired shape yourself.

Some manufacturers also include replacement filters, which is a very good procedure. When changing to other nets, take into account that they can change the sound. After all, it is an acoustic filter like any other. 

Hot water, plate and IPA

Hot water, plate and IPA
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Basic methods for cleaning your headphones may sound a bit silly. However, these are also ways that do not interfere significantly with the headphones. 

The following options should only be used when the handset is quieter on each source to which it is connected. 

Each of the following methods carries the risk of damaging the headphones. It is not large and should not occur if the steps described below are performed correctly. The editorial office is not responsible for damage to the headphones related to the use of the steps below.

Boiling water only for dynamic headphones

To dissolve the earwax that is located behind the headphone grill, heat the plate as much as possible, and then pour a minimum amount of boiling water over it. Then, the very tip of the headphones should be immersed in it. Repeat the operation several times so that the wax melts and flows out. 

Probably it will not be visible in the water, or minimally, so do not worry about the apparent lack of effects at first. The headphones should then be put aside and wait several dozen minutes for them to fully cool down and dry. They can be put into a bowl with hygroscopic balls, which are often found in boxes with clothes and electronics. 

ATTENTION! Do not use this method to clean the headphones with the armature transducer. It is very susceptible to moisture.

IPA is not the best option, but it can work

Isopropyl alcohol is great for degreasing surfaces, so it can come in handy in this situation as well. The method of use should be the same as for hot water. A plate, a small amount of liquid and soaking. We can also use cotton buds. However, isopropyl alcohol can make things worse because it can dissolve the plastic of the mesh. It will then block the holes and change the sound of the headphones even more. It can also dissolve the glue holding the mesh. So it is a risky method, but it copes very well with dirt. 

Boiling water and IPA not working? It may be time for violence

Boiling water and IPA not working
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This method is almost the most recommended method on the Internet, and it carries the greatest risk. Sometimes it is necessary, but it must be done correctly. Sometimes the reason why one handset sounds quieter is very strong dirt behind the external filter. Water and IPA may not be enough, so it may be time to remove the mesh. This may void your warranty. 

There will likely be a large amount of earwax behind it. We can try to gently remove it with a toothpick, ENT hook or needle. However, we have to do it very carefully, it is best to put the tool on the outer part of the sleeve and stick the tool on the outside. Thanks to this, we will not damage the transducer. 

It is worth sticking a new filter

A transducer without a filter loses all its protection. There are dual-filter headphones on the market, but there are very few of them. If a larger piece of earwax breaks off and runs deeper, it can completely break the headphones. The issue of sound will also change significantly. Most often the headphones will play a bit more loudly, they will squeal and sibilize. These are not the favorite sounds of music fans, so you have to wonder if it is worth doing. 

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Nothing helped, now what?

It’s probably too late. Earwax could have spread in and stick to the transducer, corrosion could have damaged the transducer, or the problem was due to some other reason. If the warranty does not work, all we have to do is buy new headphones. But from now on, you can stick to the points above, which should extend the life of your next in-ear headphones. 

One handset plays quieter with one device, or interrupts the sound on one handset

One handset sounds quieter
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Here the problems are probably with Jack himself. The first step should be to check that the plug in your headphones is straight. There may be a problem with the pins not making contact in the socket. Changing the position of the plug then improves the situation. Another reason may be a dirty jack on the device. It is best to clean them with a toothpick. Put it in the middle, put it against the wall and gently slide it out of the middle. 

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