VPN Surfshark in big promotion

One of the best VPNs now over 80% cheaper, plus 2 months for free – it’s a pity not to use it

A good VPN can be a huge expense, so any savings are worth its weight in gold here. Surfshark , one of the best VPNs on the market, is now available with over 80% off a 2-year subscription, plus you get 2 months for free. This means that you can buy a VPN not only cheaper, but also for longer, because we finally get 26 months of security . How does it work in practice?

VPN Surfshark in big promotion – 26 months at 82% discount is a bargain

VPN Surfshark in big promotion

Online security is the key today and fortunately more and more Internet users are aware of it. Our data has become a currency that needs to be protected. And no matter what corporations try to convince us, data is simply a commodity that can be monetized. Personalized ads are just one of the things they are used for, and remember that at every step there may be someone who is willing to steal them. 

This can be a big problem and this is where VPNs or a virtual private network come in handy. In a nutshell, the operation of a VPN can be described as hiding our IP and data encryption during the connection. However, these are not all the pluses, but about them in a moment, and now let’s look at the promotional offer for VPN Surfshark.

You can take advantage of the real deal by deciding to buy a VPN Surfshark now.  By buying a subscription for 2 years, we will get an additional 2 months for free, and the whole thing will cost us as much as 83 percent less than normal. 

We will pay USD 2.30 per month , although the payment will be a one-time payment ( USD 59.76 ). The regular price is USD 12.95 per month, i.e. in 2 years we would pay USD 310.8 , and here we not only save over USD 250 , but the protection period is extended by an additional 2 months . This offer could be different in your country.

If your currency is other than USD you can check it from bottom-right just before footer. Such opportunities are therefore the right time to use a VPN and take care of your online security.

How much VPN protection does Surfshark provide, and why should you buy it?

VPN protection does Surfshark provide

Using a VPN is not only about increased online security , but also many other pluses. And while the ability to secure your data is one of the biggest benefits of VPN Surfshark, there are many more. So let’s take a quick look at what this VPN offers:

  • Increased security and privacy on the Internet
  • It gives access to foreign offers from popular streaming services, such as Netflix
  • CleanWeb – the ability to block ads, trackers, malware and phishing attempts
  • Bypasser – the ability to bypass VPN for selected websites or applications, which in the case of online banking can be a salvation
  • It can be used on many platforms at the same time (including Android, iOS, Windows, macOS or Linux), i.e. no limit to the number of devices
  • Technical support around the clock and all year round (yes, they speak Hindi and others 😉)
  • You can say goodbye to information about cookies on websites forever

So you can see that using a VPN from Surfshark is a very helpful solution. And once again let’s remind you, now you can have them for over 2 years at a ridiculous price, because it is 83 percent cheaper than normal. It’s good to take care of online safety, so we recommend that you take advantage of it.

Not enough reasons? Then take a look at the Surfshark Nexus

VPN Surfshark in big promotion - One of the best VPN

There is one more thing that distinguishes VPN Surfshark from the competition, namely the recently introduced novelty, i.e. the Nexus . It sounds mysterious, but we already explain what exactly is going on. Traditional VPNs usually use only one server for communication, which can cause many problems, including those related to performance and security. 

In the case of Surfshark Nexus, this traffic is routed differently because this technology combines the servers used into one VPN . 

Our network activities will therefore be redirected through the entire network of servers, and not based on individual servers. This means greater speed, connection stability and, of course, security.

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