What is IMEI and how to check this number? Find out, for example, if your phone is stolen

What is IMEI and how to check this number

What is IMEI? International Mobile Equipment Identity is an extension of this secret acronym and stands for the International Mobile Equipment Identity. This is a number that every mobile phone in the world has. Of course, this one is bound to the device. Thanks to this, you can, for example, identify your phone for theft and origin from a reliable source. 

IMEI is used to identify and record telephone devices. It is assigned to all mobile devices – even modems. Do older cell phones also have IMEI? Yes of course. Every device that has access to the cellular network has this number. What about dual sim phones? These have, of course, two IMEI numbers.

What is IMEI and can it be changed?

What is IMEI and how to check this number
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Each sequence is individual, therefore it has two features: uniqueness and immutability. There is no second number the same, as this would violate the possibility of inventorying devices. After the IMEI has been assigned to the phone, its recording cannot be interfered with. 

Hence it is unchangeable. In legal terms, it is illegal to modify IMEI in European countries. For this, you need to use advanced software that would change the sequence of the number if necessary. Each number carries information about the device.

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What should be understood with numbers in the IMEI code?

What should be understood with numbers in the IMEI code
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Just like a bank account and other digital sequences, also in the case of IMEI, each digit that makes up the entire number is a carrier of certain information. The IMEI consists of 15 digits. The first eight are the TAC designation. 

The first two refer to the country where the telephone obtained the number. The following numbers are the individual serial number of the telephone. The last item in the sequence is the check digit.

How can you check the IMEI number on the phone?

How can you check the IMEI number on the phone
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If you don’t know what your IMEI looks like, you can check it on your device. Just enter the code * # 06 # on the keyboard. After selecting this command, your IMEI will be displayed on the screen. 

It is a function that can be used by any user, no matter what operator you are. Obviously, this is not the only way you will find the IMEI. Just go to the device settings. There you will find information about the device and IMEI. You can often find the number on a sticker on the casing. 

The information should also be visible on the device packaging or the contract if the device was issued by the operator. There are quite a few ways to read IMEI, so be aware of it and remember how to use it at the right moment.

Should I know my IMEI number?

hould I know my IMEI number
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This is a very good idea, as this is how you can check if the device is stolen. This will also tell you if the previous owner paid off the phone. How? There are many online databases where you can find IMEI with a detailed description of the situation and assigned category – for example theft. You can find out such information at imei24.com. The website works very intuitively. 

You can add IMEI with the description and category of the situation and search for specific results to find out if the phone is not stolen. If you are afraid to buy a device with loads, then it is worth visiting the dedicated operators’ websites. After entering the IMEI, you will be able to find out whether the device is free from the burden, or whether the fate of financial obligations hangs over it. 

Therefore, the IMEI number is especially important for the buyer. This way you won’t get into trouble. When else will you appreciate IMEI? Certainly, when you lose your phone or someone steals it from you. You are able to lock the device remotely. Thanks to this blockade, even replacing the SIM card will not help and the device will lose its value for a thief.

How to lock a device with IMEI?

How to lock a device with IMEI?
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It’s a relatively simple task. All you have to do is report to your operator with a command to block the lost device. You will be asked to show your ID and fill out a form asking you to block your phone. You will have to provide an additional document where the IMEI number is located. It can also be a receipt or an invoice – especially when you are not the operator’s customer. 

If your phone is stolen, you must also present a theft certificate that you will receive from the police. After that, the operator blocks the device in his and other networks. The locking process itself is not just one way. You can always unlock IMEI. If the phone is retrieved, then you should report to the police and then ask the operator to restore the availability of the phone.

How to use IMEI when buying a phone?

How to use IMEI when buying a phone?
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When purchasing it, it is a very important clue to recognize where the device is coming from. By checking the IMEI of the device, you can make sure that the device is not stolen or lost. If you don’t investigate it, you can get in a lot of trouble and have a phone that has been misappropriated. If the device was actually stolen, then the device will definitely be described by the officer and the operator.

In which salon to lock the phone? Big or small? Does it really matter?

It just so happens that very often it turns out that small salons can simply do less – or otherwise do not want more. It must be borne in mind here that in the case of responsible people there is a very simple logic – why should they and their small unit take such responsibility, if it is better to make problems and transfer it to the larger players on the market. 

This is what happens in reality, so if you do encounter theft of a device and you want to block it, then it is worth going to the largest salon in the area from time to time. There is a high probability that this is where the phone can be blocked as soon as possible.

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What is IMEI? This number is useful in many ways. You can use it as a source of valuable information when purchasing a new mobile device. In addition, the number will be useful to outsmart the thief and cut off his access to the device. Remember then about the documents to be delivered to the operator. Without them, it will not be possible to lock the device by law. Checking the IMEI is child’s play and you can do it in several ways. For example, for this purpose you will use the code * # 06 # or in other places such as packaging or operator contract.

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