Smile and start to be afraid. Another great horror movie of 2022 is ahead of you

smile a horror movie review 2022

“Smile”, despite the nice sounding title, is a film that does not revolutionize the genre, but gives the viewer what he expects – it scares you!

Smile and read the description of the horror plot

smile - horror movie plot

The main character of the film “Smile” is the therapist in the emergency department of the hospital, Dr. Rose Cutter (Sosie Bacon). The visit of a new patient, who found her in a terrible mental state, quickly turns into a macabre theater. A young woman, seized with fear, suddenly starts smiling from ear to ear, then cuts her throat. At first, Rose quickly shakes off this terrifying event. It turns out, however, that her problem is just beginning – soon the woman begins to see the same scary smile on other faces.

Smile, or how not to deal with trauma

smile a horror movie review

“Smile” thematically is on the same shelf of horror movies as, for example, “Midsummer”. It is a horror film that combines elements of horror, paranormal phenomena and psychology, and more specifically trauma. If in some time it will be possible to somehow summarize the horrors of the turn of the second and third decades of the 21st century, the term “trauma” will be most appropriate.

“Smile” is another production that deals with this theme. While the 1980s and 1990s were fond of slashers involving teenagers or curses, the scarecrows from the beginning of the first half of the new millennium prefer to reach deep into the human psyche. It’s only better for me. Why seek evil and darkness in abstract paranormal themes when they can be found within ourselves? 

In addition, the psychological aspect gives these films probable shapes, builds a better bond with the viewer, who at some level is able to identify with a given situation, and yet every author of a good horror movie only dreams of such a situation, and then the better to scare the viewer. For “Smile” it works very well. The realistic aspect of this movie fits perfectly with the more “fantastic” one, making the audience wonder whether the main enemy is an evil demon or maybe mental illness. Or is it one and the same?

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Added to this is the title smile – macabre suicides or visions of the heroine are accompanied by characters who smile in the most ominous way possible. It is a brilliant procedure in its simplicity – we associate a smile with kindness, something positive, a bit like small children. Meanwhile, the authors of “Smile” used it to spread terror. Like the whole plot of the movie, it is not innovative, but extremely effective.

Smile and keep from screaming

smile - horror movie 2022

“Smile” is not one of the most original horror films of recent years, but it undoubtedly makes up for it with a formal layer . This movie does not lack some of the best jumpscare scenes I have seen in recent years. While most of these treatments do not work for me, here, I have to admit a few times that I grabbed the armchair tighter. 

A few scenes turned out to be really hardcore as well. They were helped in this by excellent photos and editing, which created a disturbing and sometimes extreme atmosphere. The sound itself did the lion’s share of the job and I’m not talking about music, but about all sorts of sounds and sound editing that boosts the scary atmosphere to the maximum. If you closed your eyes half a movie, the sounds alone would make you scared. 

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a horror movie so refined in this respect. Of course, “Smile” would not make such an impression if the actress in the lead role did not do well. Fortunately, Sosie Bacon plays brilliantly. She brilliantly plays the growing anxiety, psychosis, losing her mind and upsetting, while maintaining her strength and willingness to fight. It was definitely not an easy role, nor a typical female character in a horror movie.

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Smile and go to the movies if you like to be scared

Summarizing what I wrote above, “Smile” is a solid piece of good horror. You will not find anything groundbreaking here, there are no crazy plot twists waiting for you, the trailers do not hide anything – when you read the description or watch the trailer, you know what you are writing for. But despite everything, I am almost sure that during the screening you will often jump on the armchair and leave the cinema satisfied.

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