Streaming is the future of entertainment? Not for everyone!

Streaming is the future of entertainment

Probably, yes, and everything indicates that we will not soon be owning anything we enjoy! Yes, we have access to many multimedia for the price of a few CDs, but what about ownership and collecting?

Streaming has taken many markets by storm

Streaming has taken many markets by storm

And it all started with the video! Netflix was the first to decide to make subscriptions available to its users. The current video giant’s first moves were to ship videotapes to their subscribers. It was only a dozen or so years later that the website was 100% online, today most of us use N and hear the characteristic Tu Dum in our homes! Later, HBO, Disney, Amazon and many others decided to do the same, but with a different movie library, although these sometimes duplicated. This brings me to wonder why subscriptions have become so popular!

Availability of the answer

Streaming is the future of entertainment

This is undoubtedly the greatest advantage of all streaming platforms. Thanks to this technology, we can watch our favorite movie, listen to our favorite song, and even play our favorite game, wherever there is a good network connection, i.e. almost all over the world! It’s definitely convenient, but is it good? After all, each of us complains about the fact that there is nothing to watch, that we will resign soon, etc.

Yes, this empty talk appears among more and more users, for example Netflix. It would seem that we have become more picky because of how much choice we have. This is perhaps the main problem of streaming portals – too much choice. If we put today’s fans of Netflix or other HBO in front of the shelf of the 90’s video rental, this one would definitely choose at least a few items, without saying that there is nothing. Maybe it is also about the quality of old productions? Or maybe about our requirements – these are considerations for a different story.

Nobody’s property

Streaming is the future of entertainment

Music led me to consider streaming. I have been using streaming applications for listening to music for several years. However, I have a dilemma because I am a collector. I have CDs and vinyls in my collection. I always treat buying a new medium as a kind of celebration. 

Defloration of the disc, putting it in the drive, or on a turntable and listening to the whole – without exceptions. It’s a bit of my little celebration. For streaming, I just turn on the album app and go. 

There is nothing fancy about it, some bigger form of art, I’ll just listen to it and that’s it. Yes, it is very convenient to have access to most of the music from around the world, but we will never have our favorite albums, only paying for streaming. The same goes for games as well as movies.

Collections are valuable!

Streaming - Collections are valuable

I consider collecting games, music or movies as a kind of culture. It has this form, it is wonderful, because as I mentioned, we have the opportunity to touch something for the first time, listen to it and put it on the shelf. Endlessly, until our collection is filled with what we really love! Shelf displays show a bit who we are and what we like. I complain too much, the title says otherwise. So let’s go back to the source.

Streaming of the future?

Streaming of the future

It pains to say yes. Price, availability and the fact that the games have no requirements turns out to be an ideal bargaining chip in terms of choice. All streaming platforms have an advantage here. I already complained to myself so I can say a few good words. Because it’s not that I hate streaming. I use many platforms on a daily basis and I am very satisfied. 

The number of productions available on various platforms is stunning, you can watch everything you want, music is abundant, games a little less – but in this case I become a traditionalist and use physical media. In any case, it shouldn’t be surprising that streaming will be the future, and in fact it already is!

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