Xiaomi Mi 9T [ Redmi K20 ] three years after the premiere – how is this unique smartphone doing today?

Xiaomi Mi 9T [ Redmi K20 ] three years after the premiere

In June this year, three years have passed since the launch of the Xiaomi Mi 9T [ Redmi K20 ] . From the moment it appeared in stores, the smartphone collected very positive opinions among users, but has it stood the test of time? How is the Xiaomi Mi 9T doing three years after its market debut?

Xiaomi Mi 9T [ Redmi K20 ] still likes it after three years and does not allow to complain about the performance

Xiaomi Mi 9T still likes it after three years

I started using the Mi 9T in June 2020 and I still think that it is a smartphone that looks phenomenal . The rear panel shimmering in various shades of blue, narrow frames and the lack of any indentations in the screen obtained thanks to the use of a retractable front webcam – you can definitely like it. 

The device’s activation button in a contrasting red color attracts attention. In the black Mi 9T, a similar procedure was also used in the frame of one of the camera lenses. It is worth mentioning that the smartphone could also be purchased in red.

Xiaomi Mi 9T [ Redmi K20 ] three years after the premiere

It is difficult to accuse the smartphone from Xiaomi about the quality of workmanship. The device seems to be solid and it is so in reality . The phone fell to the floor or the pavement many times and nothing happened to it, although it should be noted that it was always in a protective case and had tempered glass. 

A great solution in the Mi 9T is the already mentioned retractable webcam, which in addition lights up when starting. After two years of using the phone , the mechanism works properly . Unfortunately, for some reasons , the producers have already given up retractable selfie cameras .

Time cannot be deceived – Mi 9T is not a speed demon today

Xiaomi Mi 9T [ Redmi K20 ] three years after the premiere

After using the smartphone for a while, it works slower than at the beginning. In the case of Mi 9T, however, the differences were so subtle that you could get the impression that after several months of using the phone, it works practically the same quickly . 

The spell was broken when I was taking both this Xiaomi smartphone and one of the newer, even cheaper phones, which, for example, I was just testing. At that time, I noticed a slight, but unequivocal difference in the speed of execution of individual processes to the disadvantage of the Mi 9T.

Xiaomi Mi 9T [ Redmi K20 ] three years after the premiere

Although three years have passed since the premiere of the smartphone, its cameras still fall out decently. However, the lack of a macro mode may be troubling, which today in phones for similar (as well as smaller) money is rather standard. What about updates? Mi 9T stuck on Android 10, MIUI 12.0.4 and on security patches from January 2021 . So there is no madness, as it usually happens with updates on Android smartphones.

Conclusions three years after the premiere of Xiaomi Mi 9T

Xiaomi Mi 9T [ Redmi K20 ] three years after the premiere

Xiaomi Mi 9T [ Redmi K20 ] turned out to be such a good smartphone that it kept its value on the market for a long time. When I bought it a year after its premiere, the prices were almost the same as when the phone debuted in stores . While this is not surprising in the case of iPhones, it does not happen often when it comes to Android smartphones.

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With this phone, Xiaomi has proven two things: first, that for about INR 26,000 ( $350 ) you can easily buy a smartphone that will work great and will work in the vast majority of typical applications. Secondly, that Chinese manufacturers can create really refined devices that can hardly be accused of anything serious.

Xiaomi Mi 9T [ Redmi K20 ] three years after the premiere

Xiaomi Mi 9T [ Redmi K20 ] three years after its premiere, it still makes a very positive impression and you can still use it safely. However, it cannot be denied that the phone is not as fast as it was soon after its market debut . Especially if we have used it extensively, we have a lot of applications and data on it.

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