Which speakers for the computer? Ranking of the best models 2022

Which speakers for the computer

Are you looking for good sound at an affordable price speakers for computer? Juicy low tones, decent midrange and correct melody of high tones are a scarce product these days. We advise which computer speakers to choose and what to pay attention to when buying.

Wagner’s Twilight of the Gods. About the audio market and surround speakers that are becoming more and more passé

I will not hide – in the world of speakers, the time of full-fledged, large 5.1 and 7.1 surround sets with considerable power has passed forever. In fact, only one of the heroes of today’s text, Logitech Z-906 , has remained on the battlefield from such constructions , which had its premiere, note – in March 2011!

Why is it still on sale and why has time stopped for it? For a simple and not very optimistic-sounding reason – it still fulfills its task, and manufacturers have been prioritizing other segments of the audio market for years . The sales of headphones, portable speakers and stereo headsets, not to mention soundbars that compete in living rooms with home theaters, have soared.

Computer speakers - Ranking of the best models 2022

Fortunately, we have no reason to worry when it comes to traditional 2.0 or 2.1 sets , especially in the most popular and wide range of devices, for which we will pay up to 150 USD. Here, the situation is nothing like the ordeal of the bigger brothers, and over the years, more famous manufacturers, such as Creative and Logitech , have been successfully joined by other brands ( e.g. Edifier or Fenda ), producing really good sounding and well-priced equipment. We can easily choose something for ourselves, regardless of the size of the wallet.

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A lot of positive things are also happening in the premium segment and studio monitors , although here we go a bit beyond the scope of this article. Ultimately, what works well in music may not work well in games where the positioning of the sources in space and the characteristics of the bass are more important than the detail of the sound. Despite this, I think that both bassheads and fans of balanced playing will be pleased with at least some of our proposals.

what computer speakers 2.0 2.1 5.1

What to pay attention to when buying? How to connect speakers to a computer?

First of all, it is worth asking yourself what characteristics of the equipment we want. The banal phrase ” the sound quality is the most important ” doesn’t tell us anything – after all, we are always looking for the best-performing device possible.

In terms of sound expectations , let’s focus on the specifics. Are we looking for clearly defined low tones and a bass sound that we will feel in the head and ears, or are we looking for a more balanced balance with the mids and highs? The loudspeakers are supposed to sound natural, even cool and analytical (unfortunately we will have to pay for the last feature, which brings out detail), or warmth, with emphasized bottom and a part of the lower midrange, where we find softness and smoothness?

a guide on what speakers to buy, how to connect the speakers to the computer

Sure, some of these questions in the case of cheaper designs will be reduced to simple answers, devoid of major nuances. After all, we must measure our intentions – for a small price we cannot expect a symphony orchestra in our home, but even in this case, we will find models that offer a bit more than the competition.

If we already know how the speakers should sound and how much they can cost, let’s consider their construction and type . Of course , the 2.0 and 2.1 sets will be a popular choice , although our list also includes a place for the already dying 5.1 genre . What do these numbers actually mean? The first number determines the number of speakers, the second informs us about the presence of a subwoofer (additional woofer).

speaker types and types what to buy

Remember that in cheaper constructions we do not always find midrange drivers , and sets without a subwoofer may have a problem with the bottom (but as always, this is not the rule – because engineering, quality of the electronics, materials and parts used is equally important).

However, let’s pay attention to whether they have a built-in amplifier ( active speakers ) – thanks to this, we can easily connect them to the headphone output, regardless of whether we are dealing with a desktop computer or a laptop. When connected with a 3.5 mm mini jack cable, we can use a sound card or a DAC . Some models also offer wireless signal transmission and the presence of digital connectors.

What computer speakers up to US$ 25 ? Creative Pebble V2 – cheap laptop speakers

Creative Pebble V2 - cheap laptop speakers

The first device in the list are the popular “pebbles”. Creative Pebble V2 is the second iteration of very successful speakers that are characterized by minimalism and modern design at a very attractive price – we will pay less than USD 25 for them.

It is worth emphasizing that the appearance is definitely not all they have to offer. The design is well thought out and made of good quality materials . Thanks to the elevation and 45 ° inclination of the drivers with a special curvature, the sound is directed directly towards the user.

The whole sounds surprisingly well for its dimensions – surprisingly, the low tones are present (although, of course, one should not exaggerate with expectations), but the treble is a bit worse . Unfortunately, I evaluate this aspect more through the prism of dealing with products that are many times more expensive, so I would like to emphasize once again that for such money, this model has virtually no equivalent and I am not surprised by its popularity.

This equipment will work primarily in conjunction with a laptop and in scenarios where we do not have a lot of space. V twos are powered by a USB-C cable or via a USB-A converter, and the sound itself is played through a 3.5mm mini-jack connector.

What 2.0 speakers up to USD 100? Balance and balance in sound – the Fenda R27BT

Balance and balance in sound - the Fenda R27BT

At a price of up to USD 65 , it is impossible not to mention the Fenda loudspeakers . The R27BT is the successor to the highly rated R25BT model, which was also the king of this price category. What distinguishes the new proposal of the Indian manufacturer?

The first thing that catches the eye is a solidly made classic MDF housing (the whole is covered with a veneer imitating wood) and a bass reflex construction . The openings on the front give us a bit more freedom in positioning the speakers, because we don’t have to worry about the distance from the wall.

Delving into the details, we discover other positives – wireless connectivity in the Bluetooth 5.0 standard and the presence of an optical connector and a USB port , which will allow us to play songs directly from a pendrive.

How about the sound itself? The tradition was maintained. The speakers sound balanced , you cannot hear that something clearly dominates here – both the treble and the midrange are present. The sound can be described as full and relatively dynamic, and the correct bass, although it will not make bass fanatics shiver on the body, will be a good complement to the whole for enthusiasts of a balanced game .

Which 2.1 speakers for computer up to USD 150? Great entertainment – Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 BT

2.1 speakers for a computer up to USD 150 Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 BT

The famous Klipsch PROMEDIA 2.1 loudspeakers , which once raised the bar for subwoofer systems, have finally got a successor. The model with a BT tip at the end, apart from the obvious wireless connectivity , also brings good sound quality and dynamic, entertaining sound .

The sound is characterized by the presence of a strong bass at any volume level, but it is not artificially raised and distorted. Playing with bass is a certain dominant here, but we do not have a sense of interference with the intensity and character of the midrange . I would describe the whole thing as equipment designed from the ground up for playing and watching movies, where precisely controlled bass will unleash its full potential.

The structure itself has been very solidly constructed and technically designed. The 6.5-inch woofer in the subwoofer is supported by the well-timed midrange drivers in the satellite speakers. The culmination is a soft tweeter dome in the MicroTractrix tube , which contributes to ensuring the appropriate dynamics and resolution.

The new Klipsch series is also pragmatic , as evidenced by separate knobs for adjusting the volume of the subwoofer and the entire system. This is a typical plug & play design – we can connect headphones, as well as a computer or TV set. Due to their power, the ProMedia 2.1 BT speakers can easily cope with a medium-sized room.

Which computer speakers up to USD 200? Quality at a good price, that is Edifier R1700BT

computer speakers up to USD 200 Edifier R1700BT

The world of audio has its own rules and, unlike, for example, the RTV market, the latest models are not always worth recommending. This is the case with the Edifier R1700BT speakers – it is not the youngest, but a proven design with a recognized reputation.

In the price range from the headline, it’s hard to find a model that performs so well. A characteristic feature here is a dense and fleshy bass , which in no way resembles a point, shapeless outline of low tones. The midrange is a bit withdrawn, but clean, and the trebles can be described as fast and a bit cool. I am impressed by the clarity and space that cannot be found in the newer counterparts of the competition.

A lot of good can also be written about the construction itself and the quality of workmanship. Good fitting of the elements, eye-pleasing design and slightly larger size are actually the trademark of the manufacturer. To this should also be added connectivity via Bluetooth and the presence of a wireless remote control.

These loudspeakers will prove themselves both in entertainment applications (movies, games) and in music, although in this aspect our personal preferences regarding the clearly marked bass will play the first fiddle.

Which 5.1 speakers for a computer up to USD 350? Successor to the Z5500 forever alive – the Logitech Z906

what 5.1 speakers for the computer up to USD 350 Logitech Z906

The Z906 are like Christopher Lambert in a bolt of lightning against the backdrop of mountainous Scotland – immortal . The successor of the legendary zetek 5500 is still on sale, which is respectable, but also says a lot about the surround speaker market.

However, potential customers are not interested in the release date, but how a given set plays and whether it is worth the amount invested. In this particular case, we can write hand on heart that we will not regret a single dollar left in the store – as long as we are aware of what these speakers were designed for.

In a nutshell, they will prove to be successful in broadly understood entertainment. Car chases, explosions or shootings should be daily bread for the Z906 (the sub can go very low). Sound positioning in games and movies is sensational , because we do not have to cheat physics here and we have real channels that guarantee correct sound separation.

We will not run out of power ( 500 watts in RMS ) and we will soon hear the knocking of nervous neighbors before the volume scale ends. The construction of the woofer is almost armored, and the plastic present in the satellites is a decent quality material – nothing creaks here and we do not feel like we are dealing with a product of a worse category.

We will connect the set in several ways. We have here at our disposal, among others digital audio inputs (coaxial + two optical), a 3.5mm input for other devices and a six-channel input for connecting to a computer. It is possible to use a clamping solution. In total, we will connect up to six compatible devices to the Z906 at the same time . The finishing touch is the THX certificate , support for Dolby Digital and DTS standards, and the presence of a wireless remote control and a convenient control panel .

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