Will the smartphone stop the missile? Phone bulletproof test

Phone bulletproof test

Will the smartphone stop the missile? After all, the network is full of descriptions of the situation, how a smartphone saved the life of a person, saving him from being shot. We also wrote about such events, including two with the participation of Samsung and Motorola in the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

It is worth emphasizing here that every time what blocked the ball was the battery of the device. Many people have argued that something like this simply isn’t possible. And although they were amateur specialists in ballistics, not necessarily in the construction of lithium batteries. And although you can argue here, it is really worth answering the question:

Will the smartphone stop the missile?

Will the smartphone stop the missile

Let’s start with the fact that I wouldn’t be able to check it myself. I have never shot in my life, so the chances that I would have ended up in the vicinity of the smartphone at which I was aiming are slim. In a fit of excessive optimism, I could at most write that smartphones bend the missile trajectory, thus protecting users. Fortunately , Dariusz Dubrownik , who is one of our readers, knows how to use a weapon and offered his help in this matter. By the way, I would like to thank him for his time.

He had both short and long weapons at his disposal. By the way, he also checked the resistance to fire of many different phones, so that there was no doubt whether another device would work better or worse . So it’s time to answer once and for all the question asked in the title: the smartphone will stop the missile?

Will the smartphone stop the missile? Assumptions

It is worth emphasizing here that the tests were conducted mainly with the .223 caliber for long weapons. All because the test was created in the context of the fighting in Ukraine, and this is the type of weapon we deal with there. However, a representative of the already extinct family of LG and Samsung Avila GPS were hit by a 9 mm handgun to dispel doubts in this matter as well. He also got one of the calls from the bunkhouse. The tests took place at a distance of 20 meters, but as Dariusz emphasizes, the differences in energy between it and the distance of 100 meters are so small that they can be ignored here.

Will the smartphone stop the .223 missile?

We start here with a thick pipe – at least metaphorically, and more precisely from the .223 caliber. However, smartphones were not the first choice, but old phones. After all, it is common knowledge that old phones were resistant and could handle a lot, not like today’s smartphones, right? Well, it turns out that the caliber .223 is too much. 

However, let’s not give up! After all, not every old phone is a Nokia 3310! And while we’re at it, there are other, much more durable devices, i.e. Samsung from the Solid line. If some simple phone can stop the bullet, it has to be Solid! How did he handle it?

Well, to paraphrase a cult movie: I don’t see the difference with or without Solid… But that doesn’t prove anything. After all, the question is whether the smartphone will stop the missile, not whether the phone will. Here, Dariusz has probably run out of patience, because instead of shooting each of them in turn, he decided to stick them together with insulating tape and shoot 4 smartphones at once with one pull of the trigger . Well, such overconfidence can often prove fatal …

Will the smartphone stop the missile

… But as you can see in the above video, this is not the case. The missile entered the front and left the rear, doing little to deal with as many as 4 batteries, which it pierced right through on the way. This is how the results of this test look like:

Will the smartphone stop the 9mm projectile?

Okay, the fire from the .223 is a bit of an exaggeration in this case. Of course, this refuted the myth that a smartphone could stop a direct hit in war. But what about handguns? If we find ourselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, will the smartphone save us? This test consisted of firing a smartphone from LG and Samsung Avila GPS. And although the latter is not a smartphone, its external structure does not differ from them in any way, and after being hit by a bullet, the interior also loses its importance. 

Will the smartphone stop the missile

As you can see, the phone is not the only thing that has been pierced by the bullet here … Bullet resistance is something that this phone simply does not offer . The last hope for, at least partially saving the thesis about bulletproof phones is a slack:

The last hope flew away along with the debris of the device …

Will the smartphone stop the missile? Test results

Well, as you can see, the smartphone will not stop the projectile with a direct hit. Even 4 smartphones cannot handle it. But where did all the reports about the containment of the missile come from? Was it a scam? Well, actually… not necessarily. Well, the phone can always get hit by a stray ball fired from very far, or even one that ricochets, i.e. bounces off something else, while losing a large part of the energy. 

It is worth adding that in such cases, the bullets are also dangerous if they have enough energy. So it is possible that the smartphone stopped the missile and thus saved someone’s health and even life. However, there can be no question of a direct hit by a projectile on the device. There must be factors that will already limit the projectile’s energy – or at least that’s what the tests above show. 

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