Black PlayStation 5 – what do matte panels look like and how to put them on the console yourself?

PlayStation 5 Black panel

Black PlayStation 5 was a dream of many players, especially after Sony presented the new generation of consoles for the first time. White in combination with black did not appeal to players who were used to the uniform color of the console. PlayStation 4, which sold over 100 million copies in total, set the bar very high. And although the appearance should theoretically be of secondary importance, the players were waiting for the black PlayStation 5. Now they can make their dreams come true using removable panels from Sony. Does it really make sense?

Black PlayStation 5 – removable panels from Sony change the rules of the game

Black PlayStation 5 - removable panels from Sony change the rules of the game

The PlayStation launched new panels for the PlayStation 5 console. Therefore, I decided to check how the console will look in black. I have been using PlayStation 5 practically from the very debut of the console and I have already got used to its appearance quite a bit. Anyway, since the debut of the equipment on the market, and even its announcements, I did not see a problem in the fact that it is mostly white. 

To be honest, I liked this version the most and I don’t understand the complaints of other players about the appearance of PlayStation 5. And the tastes are not discussed, but in this case I simply do not understand this discussion. Let me come back to it in a moment, and now I will deal with something absolutely basic, which is how to replace the panels in the PlayStation 5 console.

How to replace panels on PlayStation 5 – simple instructions and simple replacement

How to replace panels on PlayStation 5 - simple instructions and simple replacement

My PlayStation 5 did not change its position on the shelf from the moment it was unpacked from the carton and first started. I did not have such a need, so the very idea of ​​taking it off and undressing it, did not quite appeal to me. I admit that I expected problems with replacing the panels with new ones, because we are talking about plastic elements here. He will get caught on the wrong side or pull harder and there will be a problem. Fortunately, my fears turned out to be unfounded. Sony has prepared a special video where you can see how this process works, and I will describe what it looked like in my case.

Of course, the first thing you need to do to replace the panels in PlayStation 5 is to turn off the console from the power supply and disconnect all cables (power, HDMI or cable for connecting to the Internet). Then unscrew the stand and here a flat screwdriver may come in handy, and if we have a newer version of the console, we can do it without it. When we unscrew the base, put the console flat and preferably still on the surface that is covered with something, so as not to accidentally scratch the already installed panels. 

Removing the panels is very easy, although it requires a bit of strength from us. With one hand we grab the corner of the panel where the PS logo is cut outand the other is held by the console at its base. We lift the panel on one side and move it towards the base. Relax, nothing should break, although the first impression may be. The panel should pop off, then carefully slide it towards the base and remove it. Then it is also good to immediately vacuum the console fan of dust. For me, after more than a year and a half, this dust was surprisingly low.

Once we have the first panel in place, turn the console over to the other side and do the same. Now we grab the corner, which is where the PS sign notch on the other side, i.e. the one closer to the PlayStation 5 console . Pull up while grabbing the base and pull off the second panel. Put on a new one, screw the base back on, connect the console and it’s ready. The whole process should not take more than 5 minutes. Well, unless the console requires a lot of cleaning, but the exchange of panels is simple and quick. Okay, and how does the black PlayStation 5 look like?

The appearance of the black PlayStation 5 – it can be liked

The appearance of the black PlayStation 5 - it can be liked

I got black panels for PlayStation 5 in Midnight Black color . There are also blue (Starlight Blue) , violet (Galactic Purple) , red (Cosmic Red) and even pink (Nova Pink) . I am talking about the version of the console with a physical disc, although such panels are also available for the PlayStation 5 Digital version. 

Regardless of the color version or for the console, their price is the same and amounts to USD $5499. Considering that the PlayStation 5 itself is not cheap, the cost of additional panels can be a questionable expense. In my opinion, however, it is profitable if we really want to have a black PlayStation 5. Or a red, purple or pink PlayStation 5.

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The PlayStation 5 panels are made exactly the same as the original ones. It is about both the fastening and the finish itself. The inner side has barely visible embossing with symbols that are used on DualSense controllers (circle, cross, triangle and square) . A small thing that pleases the eye. 

You can see what the black PlayStation 5 looks like in the pictures, and from the more mundane issues, unfortunately, the black panels are “fingering”. A stronger touch may leave a mark on them, but we can easily remove it with a cloth. Are the panels scratching? Honestly, I don’t know what it would take to scratch them. If the console is placed in a place where children or pets cannot access it, it will look like a brand new art for years.

Black panels for PlayStation 5 – to replace or not to replace?

Black panels for PlayStation 5 - to replace or not to replace?

Going back to what I wrote at the beginning – I personally like the standard version more, i.e. the combination of white and black. However, I must admit that the black PlayStation 5 looks really nice. In combination with the black DualSense controller, it is a fairy tale at all. So here everyone should judge for himself whether it really pays to spend extra cash to change the look of the console. 

Different colors give many possibilities and nothing prevents you from having a red and black or white and red console. It’s something interesting for PlayStation fans, and it’s good that Sony has given them such an opportunity. The players were given a choice and it is up to them whether they want to play such exchanges.

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