Elon Musk’s plans for Twitter – a revolution is brewing

Elon Musk has openly admitted that he wants to become the owner of Twitter . And while his plans to set up a shelter for the homeless in the company’s headquarters can be considered rather a mocking of its management – although you never know anything with Elon Musk – the next suggestions sound much more credible and … threatening. Well, the billionaire intends to introduce a completely new order to Twitter.

Elon Musk’s plans for Twitter

Elon Musk's plans for Twitter

Let’s start with something that most people should applaud: Well, Elon Musk wants everyone to write whatever they want on Twitter, as long as it is legal. Thus, an end to political correctness and the blurring of inconvenient facts within the platform. 

The legality note is very important here: no one will accuse Elon of wanting illegal business on Twitter or explicit calling to hatred, e.g. on racial grounds. After all, such actions and demands are illegal. 

This is not the end, however. The billionaire emphasizes that Twitter should share its algorithms and minimize the interventions it takes to keep an eye on the content, and that these should also be open.

Any changes to people’s tweets – if they are underlined or omitted – is an action that should be visible. Anyone can see that such an action has been taken, so there is no behind-the-scenes manipulation, be it algorithmic or manual.

He also added that the code underlying the algorithm should be available on GitHub for users to check for themselves.

He also commented on moderation:

When in doubt, I think we should be inclined to let the speech exist. I think we should be very reluctant to delete content and very careful when it comes to account locks.

This means that Elon Musk wants to make Twitter what it should be from the start: a free platform for the exchange of thoughts, views and information that promotes no narrative and does not fight with any – as long as it is legal.

Of course, this state of affairs may not suit many Twitter users, especially those locked in more progressive information bubbles. 

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One thing is certain: Musk cannot be accused of having conservative views and wiping his mouth with freedom of speech just to do the same as before, but to promote the other side of the barricade. We are dealing here with someone who simply appreciates freedom of expression because he wants to use it himself.

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