How to make a bonfire in Minecraft? Step by step guide

bonfire in Minecraft

A bonfire in Minecraft is an object that serves as a light source, food preparation tool, or smoke signal generator. It is very easy to build and, unlike other tools, it does not require above-average resources. What is the use of a fireplace? Minecraft gives players guidelines on how to do them.

A fire ( minecraft ) is a valuable object, especially because of its unique properties. Because it ignites spontaneously as soon as the player creates it. In addition, it does not go out due to rain, storm or snow. However, they can be extinguished by pouring a bottle of water or using a shovel. Re-lighting a fire is only possible in the air, using a flint or a fireball. When using a campfire in Minecraft, you can easily perform a lot of extremely useful in the virtual world of actions.

How to make a bonfire in Minecraft

What is the fire for – Minecraft

The fire in Minecraft performs a similar function to the oven, but with the difference that it is much more versatile and allows you to perform many other activities than just preparing food. The bonfire in Minecraft allows, among others:

  • Cooking – the facility allows you to cook food without using additional fuel that would be used to power the oven. Additionally, the oven needs 10 seconds. to process a given element, while the focus does it half as fast. You can cook up to 4 dishes at the same time on the fire. 
  • Illuminating the space – it is a perfect tool to light up dark rooms or caves. It has similar properties to the torch – it does not go out in rain or storm. Thanks to this, the fire can be used in difficult terrain, even during demanding weather conditions.
  • Smoke Signal Generation – The smoke from a fire in Minecraft is approximately 12 blocks high. For this reason, it is a great tool for communication with other participants in the game, as it allows you to share your current location. 
  • Beekeeping – the bonfire in Minecraft is also used in beekeeping. It allows you to safely collect honey by lighting a fire right next to the hives. Otherwise, the bees get angry and attack the player immediately after completing the mission. 
  • Light source – a fire, when it is lit, can generate a beam of light with an intensity of 15, while ethereal fires – 10. It is an excellent way to illuminate a cave or dark areas of the tundra. 
  • Weapons – A bonfire in Minecraft can be used as a weapon to protect against enemies or as a tool to attack an enemy. Because the fire generated from the object deals damage to every creature that stands on it.   

Elements needed to create a bonfire in Minecraft

You can create a bonfire in Minecraft after collecting a few elements necessary for its implementation. They are primarily:

  • 3 sticks,
  • Coal or charcoal,
  • 3 blocks of wood (can be stripped).

Obtaining sticks is possible by placing two blocks of boards – one on top of the other – on the enchanted table or obtaining them from withered bushes. An alternative option to obtain this resource is to find a bonus chest. By using it, the user has a 68.4% chance of receiving from 1 to even 12 sticks. Another way is to kill the witch – on death, the mentioned character can drop from 0 to 6 sticks.

Coal, which is necessary to make a bonfire in Minecraft, can be obtained by digging up its ore with a pickaxe.

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How to make a bonfire in Minecraft? Step by step instruction

Bonfire – Minecraft allows you to make it only when the appropriate materials are collected. Then, if you want to start the process of creating a tool, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the crafting table.
  2. At the very bottom, make 3 blocks of wood or 3 trunks. 
  3. In the second line, place in turn: a stick, coal or charcoal, 2. stick
  4. At the very top of the crafting table – exactly in the middle – place a 3rd stick.  

Place the completed bonfire in the player’s inventory. Click on the tool and drag it to join the rest of the items.

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